10 Movies That Are Great Companion Pieces To “The Godfather”

Whether or not you agree that “The Godfather” is a perfect film, there is no denial about its powerful influence on both the New Hollywood film movement and the crime film genre in general. In addition to winning three Oscars and having number of nominations in various categories, it helped boost the acting careers of […]

10 Great Psychological Thrillers by World-Class Directors

The thriller genre is one of the most beloved and popular movie genres. It is connected to the audience’s penchant for being thrilled while watching the tensest and deadliest situations that could ever happen to an individual. Preferably in a nice, comfortable movie theater seat. Movies on this list are psychological thrillers, which disturb us […]

10 Must-See Obscure Sci-fi Movies You May Have Missed

The cinematic world of science fiction brings joy and thrills for audiences since its silent era beginnings. It’s an artistic formula that makes the impossible possible. For almost a century, we were witnessing on the silver screen the exploration of space, confrontations with extraterrestrials, rebellions of intelligent machines, and a sometimes optimistic and sometimes nihilistic […]

The 10 Best Political Movies of All Time

Politics is one of the favorite subjects of cinema since the time of its very foundation. First, movies were used as a powerful propaganda machine, but subsequently developed into artistic device to criticize and vivisect various elements of political power. Directors became free to express their own political views and ideologies through their films. In […]

10 Movie Directors Who Make The Weirdest Films

If you are tired of blockbusters and comic book films, and would like to feel confused, freaked out and constantly asking yourself, “What just happened on screen?”, then you are in the right place. Directors on this list specialize in teleporting viewers from their cinematic comfort zone to a bizarre and surrealistic dimension where anything […]