10 Great Recent Sci-fi Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Tired of watching the same old three movies? We’ve got you! Bored by the umpteenth remake? We’ve got you! Curious about hidden sci-fi gems waiting to be experienced? We’ve got you!

 Here’s a list of under-appreciated 2010s sci-fi movies for your thirst for new visions. We’ve got everything you need – from arthouse interpretations of […]

10 Great Classic Thriller Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Tired of looking for never-before-seen thrillers and always end up watching “Seven” or “The Silence of the Lambs”? 

If that’s the case, don’t look further. Here’s a list of lesser known thrillers from all around the world that will keep you on the edge for their entire duration.

 Enjoy the ride!   1. Ms. 45 […]