10 Great Recent Sci-fi Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Tired of watching the same old three movies? We’ve got you! Bored by the umpteenth remake? We’ve got you! Curious about hidden sci-fi gems waiting to be experienced? We’ve got you!

 Here’s a list of under-appreciated 2010s sci-fi movies for your thirst for new visions. We’ve got everything you need – from arthouse interpretations of […]

10 Great Classic Thriller Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Tired of looking for never-before-seen thrillers and always end up watching “Seven” or “The Silence of the Lambs”? 

If that’s the case, don’t look further. Here’s a list of lesser known thrillers from all around the world that will keep you on the edge for their entire duration.

 Enjoy the ride!   1. Ms. 45 […]

10 Great Recent Thriller Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Thriller is a versatile genre. Through this medium, you can investigate the psychological aspect of humankind or maybe the deepest emotions of humans. You can describe what society looks like or perhaps focus on a specific episode. At the same time, the almost endless ways you can use thrillers must adhere to specific rules: suspense, […]