9 Classic Movies You Can Relate To in 2019

The movies discussed in this article do not completely comply with the recent times but there are some aspects of these movies that are way ahead of their time—previously considered as taboo topics—but are acceptable to be raised now either through movies, books or other forms of art. The intensity of these issues vary in different countries but the interesting fact is, most of these issues are collectively prevalent in the world.

Still. And the beauty of art is that it (seemingly) effortlessly showcases all these issues in a subtle way. For example, you may not still be able to discuss a few issues on TV, in front of the audience of all ages.

You have to appropriate along with the values of the society in order to become acceptable and permissible before the censor-boards. The movies we have picked out in this article received critical views from the audience when they were released and are now appreciated for being ahead of their time and spirit.


1. The Bridges of Madison County

The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

Without trying to give away the main story of the movie, I will only mention the themes around which this movie revolves. This movie is centered around a woman who confesses her children about her extra-marital affair in a letter she writes before she passes out.

The greatness of the film does not lie in the fact that it highlights an unacceptable issue but the fact that it depicts it in a positive light. It lets the audience dive into the character played by Meryl Streep and brings them to the realization that love is blind.

The movie also shows the intricate details that weave a situation which makes the audience understand the character beyond the surface of a sinner. You would not see a work of art as bold as this movie in addressing a critical issue.


2. Mulan

Mulan (1998)

This animated film stands on the pillars of feminism and shows how women, despite their distinctive anatomy can win a war at the brink of determination and dedication. Unlike other movies that would not deviate from the belief that women cannot fight against a male enemy is challenged in the movie by showcasing an eventful scene where a woman, disguised as a man, defeats an army of men by arming herself with the weapons of sheer conviction and shrewdness.


3. The Lion King

The Lion King (1994)

This animated film, which is being remade in the real version, subtly showcases dictatorship and feudalism, although it would be really difficult to track these themes. It is also about “balance” and “unity” and the fact that monarchy could work in the world of multiple divides among the species.

In humans, you can see those divides as those of nationality, culture,and creed. The monarch or a singular force could be the one to have the ability to merge all the divisions under one roof in order to bring unity and harmony. The movie also speaks on a universal truth i.e. balance that is created in the universe, depicted through the ecosystem. While you 6-year-old watched this film, make sure you do that too.


4. The Godfather

Centered upon a criminal’s character, The Godfather is a thrilling trilogy that is filled with crimes and suspense. The reason it is considered timeless is due to its ability to display the contrast between emotion and reason. In the character of the protagonist, you will observe how he considers himself a rational manipulative king who is not distracted by emotions and would achieve his goals, pursuing the same direction.

Little did he know, all his composure that he took years to build is shattered when he loses close members of his family and that is when he repents for his deeds realizes the pain he has caused to others.


5. Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday

This animated film will blow your mind for the way it documents the life of a mediocre woman who goes through nothing huge but random-as-life events. This animation is nothing like the animations we see now. It documents very minor details of a woman’s life – details that are relatable for the women of this century.


6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

This animated film speaks on the discrimination between beauty and beast, wealthy and poor, power and weakness et cetera. Most interesting of all is the theme of religion — how the Archdeacon raisesa child, who is unfortunate-looking (known as Hunchback), as his own and then uses him as his property. They have also depicted the inhuman treatment inflicted upon the gypsies and the people from the weaker groups. In short, it realistically depicts the hierarchical structures as seen in the society even now, among the people of Paris.


7. Pocahontas


Based on true historical events, this film details on the life of native Americans colonized by the English colonizers in the 16th Century. The same struggle between the colonizers and colonized is mirrored in other countries as well. The issue takes different shapes and forms but is timeless, either it is the colonizers or the immigrants – the fight is there for the land among people.


8. Pretty Woman

Surprisingly, most of the movies we have listed in this article are those that either took a step ahead from its time or those that provided a unique perspective at something most audience stereotypically viewed.

Pretty Woman is one of those movies that narrates the story of a prostitute who becomes a subject to a man’s interest with her ability to impress him over a discuss. It is interesting to see how the story ends, as typical as it may seem, the ending is absolutely justified. If you are a Julia Roberts fan and love Rom-Com, this is your movie for tonight.


9. Alice in the Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Another animation that is a symbolic representation of this world makes itself a work of study for the generations to come. Apparently, it all seems like a childish movie about a little girl’s dream but the more you dive into its journey, the better you learn your society through an alternative reality. You can read the book as well but if that strains your eyes, this movie is no less entertaining than the book.

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