The 25 Weirdest Movie Characters of All Time

17. Fenix (Santa Sangre)

Santa Sangre (1989)

The main character of this Alejandro Jodorowsky film opens it with a huge impression, with his nakedness and insanity. From a crazy man confined to a mental hospital, the movie would trace his memories back from childhood and let the viewers see his outlandish and traumatizing past.

Everything and everyone from Fenix’s life is unusual. Growing up with a family who lives and performs in a circus, misfortunes followed after the tragic death of his father.

The dreamy and visionary visuals, as well as his unique way of acting, affected his personality to a deep yet strange level. His dark and disturbing portrayal of the scenes makes the emotional scenes creepy rather than heartfelt, and his personal and intimate relationships he has formed with others are extremely passionate, where tension and a bit of eeriness is felt.


16. Albert Goldman (The Birdcage)

The Birdcage (1996)

Albert Goldman is one half of the same-sex couple in the 1996 American comedy film “The Birdcage”. Albert is an extremely feminine man who would like to be addressed and treated as a woman and rejects to be considered a man. He plays “Starina”, the main attraction of the drag club owned by his partner, Armand.

Albert brings joy and entertainment with his comedic scenes because of his flamboyant and sensitive nature, which leads to petty and shallow arguments with other characters. His conservative middle-aged woman attitude, domesticity, and stereotypical representation of a wife makes him a good fit to be Mrs. Goldman for Armand, and brings an unusual happiness to the audience.


15. Kevin (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

Ezra Miller - We Need to Talk About Kevin

Kevin is an evil teenager character from the aforementioned film, directed by Lynne Ramsay. Unlike most antagonists, who turn evil because of traumatizing experiences, Kevin is born evil and comes by that evil naturally, despite his innocent looks and angelic appearance. Since his mother has taken care of him from he was a baby, he has showed an unbelievable amount of stubbornness and disturbance.

From a young age, Kevin learned how to lie, cheat, and even blackmail his own mother. He has his own world where people do not exist, making him completely detached and difficult to deal with. Just looking at his eyes give pressure and feelings of anxiety and trouble for the viewers, with his death glares and menacing smile. With his craziness that people may have a hard time understanding, he then commits a mass murder at his school on his 16th birthday and gets convicted.


14. Mystery Man (Lost Highway)

The Mystery Man in Lost Highway

One of the most bizarre and creepy scenes in film history was made by the Mystery Man, a character who is creepy and bizarre from David Lynch’s 1997 film “Lost Highway”. His pale face, frightening smile, and weird manner of speaking made his small role iconic and known by the viewers, making him even more haunting. His famous scene, where he has a conversation with the main character during a party with his “I am there right now” line, is one of the highlights and most quoted parts of the movie.

What makes the Mystery Man weirder is the revelation and unveiling of the truth about his and the protagonist’s identity as the movie runs. Lynch might be considered a legend for his surrealist and puzzling films, but he might also be one for establishing characters with unique and powerful traits.


13. Jack Torrance (The Shining)

The Shining

Jack Torrance is a character who plays both the protagonist and antagonist in “The Shining”. Starting off as a hardworking husband and father, he is an aspiring writer and a recovering alcoholic. Because he needs to work to support his family, he accepts a job to look after a hotel during the winter with his wife and son.

The three of them, alone together, start experiencing supernatural events that turn their family bonding time into something horrific. With the hotel’s dark past, Jack becomes possessed by a demon, which controls him to kill his family and causes him to go completely insane. He became violent, bipolar, and terrifyingly moody. His famous lines that denote a threat were delivered in a way that is both haunting and weird to hear and understand.


12. Jareth (Labyrinth)


Jareth, the Goblin King who’s simply known as Jareth, is the antagonist of the 1986 film “Labyrinth”. He is a king from a vast kingdom in another dimension. Being a Goblin King, Jareth is not an actual goblin, as he appears in human form. His mystical yet charismatic personality that connects to the audience with great sexual tension is also given by his character, which David Bowie gave justice to with his undeniable presence.

He can transform into a white-barn owl and can do things a mortal could only ever wish to do. He is flirtatious and protective, yet mysterious and menacing. He is Prince Charming combined with a bad boy. Without a doubt, Jareth is simply one of the most attractive villains ever created.


11. Henry Spencer (Eraserhead)


Henry Spencer is the lead character in David Lynch’s surrealist film, “Eraserhead”. He is a doomed factory worker in an industrial landscape who is left to look after his unsightly deformed baby with an inhuman appearance, who refuses to eat food and cries unbearably. Henry’s girlfriend was driven insane by the challenging process of taking care of their child and leaves the baby in Henry’s hands. With his terror, he experiences dreams and hallucinations about his baby.

With all his problems and his dilemma, Henry could possibly live a depressing and lonely life. With his small apartment filled with dirt and dying vegetation, the nightmarish dreams that terrify him, the dead-looking city where he lives, and his awkward interaction with other people, the  film portrays Henry Spencer as a man living far from a quintessential life, who is stuck on his nightmares that came to life.


10. Tonto (The Lone Ranger)


Another quirky and crazy role played by Johnny Depp is Tonto from “The Lone Ranger”. Tonto is a Comanche Native American who meets the Lone Ranger to guide him in killing the person responsible for destroying and massacring his tribe. With his weird and humorous narration and odd way of acting, he adds up a lot of comedic and entertaining scenes in the action film.

His distinct characteristics include his black-and-white face paint, a dead crow he wears as a headpiece (who he constantly feeds rice), his odd spiritual relationship with animals, his crazy rituals, and his awkward interaction with other people.