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The 10 Worst Comedy Movies of All Time

04 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists | by Itzel Urzua

Epic Movie (2007)

“A comedian does funny things. A good comedian does things funny.”

– Buster Keaton

Comedy, by definition, is the genre that includes humorous situations with the purpose to entertain people and generate laughter.

Without being too technical, and without getting too deep into the roots of comedy and how it was born, we can say that a good comedy movie should make us laugh.

We’ve seen a lot of great comedies throughout time, including “Wayne’s World” (1992), “There’s Something About Mary” (1998), “Groundhog Day” (1993), “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (1963), “Some Like It Hot” (1959), and “City Lights” (1931), just to name a few.

But what about the movies that are classified as “comedy” but don’t generate any kind of laughter? Every one of us can mention at least 10 films we don’t like, but maybe we won’t agree at all, because no matter what, everything is a matter of perspective.

I’m sure that everyone will agree with this list of 10 films that shouldn’t be classified as comedy.


10. A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

“A Night at the Roxbury” is a movie based on the famous sketch of the Butabi brothers from “Saturday Night Live”. The sketch was so funny that they decided to make a movie out of it. The initial sequence starts just as the sketch does, and makes us expect a lot of fun, but it never happens. It’s a one-joke movie, and the only funny element is the head movement while we listen to “What is Love”.

The film has some good elements, but they are not well exploited. The premise is not too bad because it’s different, unlike other movies. In “A Night at the Roxbury”, the stupidity of the brothers is not a snowball of bad things, the characters succeed in what they are looking for (they get their inside-out club) and it has Chazz Palminteri obsessed with ass grabbing. The movie could be funny, but it only gives us a good laugh in the first minutes.

The brothers are funny in small doses; however, watching them for 83 minutes not only ruins the sketch, but actually make you feel kind of sorry for the brothers.

Will Ferrell has a long list of bad movies and Chris Kattan, well, he’s funny and his work on SNL is fantastic, but his participation in the movie is not great.

Why is it so bad? Extending a four minute sketch worked wonderfully for “Wayne’s World” (1992), but that doesn’t mean the same formula will work with every successful sketch.


9. The Hangover Part III (2013)

The Hangover Part III (2013)

“The Hangover” had great success because nobody expected to watch a group of friends doing crazy things under the influence of drugs. The whole “what happened yesterday?” idea was well treated; the second part is just a replica of the first, but is still funny. It’s not the best, but at least is not as bad as the third film.

Director Todd Phillips and writer Craig Mazin tried to explode Alan and Chow (the funniest characters of the original story), and what they got were overacted performances and actors trying to squeeze out the funny elements of the characters.

The movie shows that its creators don’t know where to take their characters besides a bachelor party. The Wolfpack trio deals with stressful situations that include breaking into a mansion, traveling to Tijuana, and going back to Vegas (as an intent of the director to say goodbye). At the end of the movie, after the credits, Phillips and Mazin reinforce this idea when they show us the result of the wedding party; this part is the only one that is actually funny.

The result is an unnecessary sequel and a terrible way to say goodbye to some of the most beloved characters for comedy audiences.

Why is it so bad? We have unfunny characters in an unfunny situation saying and doing unfunny things.


8. The Big Momma’s House saga (2000, 2006, 2011)

The Big Momma’s House

The movie has a very common argument: an FBI agent and master of disguise fools everybody by dressing as Big Momma, and when everything ends, everyone is happy.

It’s almost ridiculous to think that the neighbors who see Big Momma every day, her own granddaughter, and his sort of boyfriend don’t note the difference in the size, the voice, the eyes and the things the fake Big Momma does, like playing basketball and doing karate.

The film is funny in some parts, and you can totally laugh by watching fake Big Momma trying to deliver a neighbor’s baby, but it looks like someone thought that having a man dressed as a fat granny would be funny by itself, and it turns out that it’s not. We’ve seen better movies where men are dressed as women, like “Mrs. Doubtfire” (1993) and “Some Like It Hot” (1959).

These movies succeeded not only for the transvestism, but the actors and the gags are not forced; they are both well directed and know exactly what the plot is about. “Big Momma’s House” gets lost between the original story and the predictable compelled romantic relationship between Malcolm and Sherry.

It wasn’t enough to make a really bad movie, but “Big Momma’s House” actually has a second and a third part, and even if it sounds unbelievable, they are worse than the first film.

Why are they so bad? The movies try really hard to be funny, but the plot feels unnatural and they are poorly written and directed.


7. Scary Movie 3, 4 and 5 (2003, 2006, 2015)

Scary Movie 3

There are so many Scary Movies that it’s difficult to remember the differences between them. We’ve already talked about spoof movies, but the Scary Movie franchise is not as bad as the others we mentioned before, because at least David Zucker (the director of the last 3 films) tries to tell a story. Whether he succeeds or not depends on our sense of humor, but we can’t say that he doesn’t try.

David Zucker is a director who brought to the world two of the funniest movies of all time: “Airplane!” (1980) and “The Naked Gun” (1988). After some years working with the “Naked Gun” sequels, he started the Scary Movies. No matter how hard he tried, movie after movie, they stopped being funny. “Scary Movie 3” has some really funny moments, and “Scary Movie 4” has a few moments of giggling, and then there’s “Scary Movie 5”, where we are waiting for the parts where we are supposed to laugh.

What are they so bad? We’ve seen too much of the same; the first parodies were good because they were something new, but lately, directors have been trying too hard to make these kinds of films funny that they just stop working.


6. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005)

Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo (2005)

“Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” is the second part of “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”, and as usual, sequels ruin the original stories. The first movie isn’t the best, but at least it makes you laugh, something that doesn’t happen with “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo”.

What happens in the movie is basically the same of the first film, but in Europe, as it doesn’t have any original situation. The girls that hire his services always have some kind of problem, like the one who can’t stop saying bad words in the first part, but in the sequel, those problems are exaggerated. The girl with the penis as a nose that ejaculates when she sneezes is simply over the top.

The movie is uncomfortable and hard to watch. Rob Schneider is unfunny, and he has starred in some average comedies, but this is by far one of the worst he’s done.

Why is it so bad? The speech is totally wasted, the plot is forced, the jokes are not good, it is poorly written, and poorly directed. No wonder they never made another movie.



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  • jesse100

    Where is Pink Panther 2? I actually fell asleep watching it… in the theater… was snoring… What about Hail Caesar? For the talent behind and in front of the camera it was terrible.

    • shane scott-travis

      Hail, Caesar wasn’t so bad as to warrant being on this list. It has a number of great scenes, solid production values, wonderful cinematography and set design, and that the story is airy and light is fine. It’s a pastiche of the ol’ screwball comedies with that back lot gags we used to see a lot in the 40s and 50s. Time will be kind to it, wait and see. 😉

  • jann1k

    Movie 43. Where is Movie 43?

    • Alexander

      We DON’T talk about that

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  • shane scott-travis

    The Wayans Brothers should be dominating this list.

  • Gina Velasquez

    Your Highness. Couldn’t even get through it.

  • Dave Anderson

    All time? Haven’t movies been around a hell of a lot longer than the past 26 years?

  • The Friedberg/Seltzer parodies are just the bottom of the barrel. I don’t think they should be called filmmakers since they don’t really do anything. They just recreate scenes, do something stupid, and repeat but oh, let’s add Carmen Electra or hey, let’s add something stereotypical. Porno filmmakers have more imagination than this and they don’t work with large budgets.

    • sailor monsoon

      I will never ever defend them but they hired Crispin glover as their willy wonka in epic movie and that’s just genius

      • No, that was a waste of his talents as he deserves better.

  • sailor monsoon

    I’m not saying these films are good but there’s literally a hundred other ones i would’ve picked

  • Porst

    OK, I get stuff like Scary Movie or even Epic Movie parodying multiple popular films. What I don’t understand is how people can make a movie that parodies a single franchise and expect anything from it. There are ones for 300, Twilight, and Hunger Games. There’s really not much material to mine from there other than about a comedy sketch’s worth of length. In reading the synopses for each, it seems like they just load them up with modern pop culture references that are already dated memes by the time the movie is made, but have nothing to do with the premise or the parody.

  • FlyteBro

    Yet another list with only American movies? Common! It’s like you’re not even trying!

    How about:
    Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis (2008)
    Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989)
    Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973)
    La grande vadrouille (1966)
    Dzien swira (2002)
    Woochi (2009)
    Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (2001)
    Wide Blue Yonder (2010)
    Il mostro (1994)
    Quan jing (1978)
    Eine Armee Gretchen (1973)
    Hjelp, vi er i filmbransjen (2011)
    Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced (2000)
    Gui da gui (1980) and just about every other Sammo Hung film.

    • Frankie

      I love ” Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis”

      • FlyteBro

        Wow. When I saw it, people started leaving the cinema in drones. Only three people managed to sit through till the end, and even they moaned and shook their heads in disappointment when the movie was over.

        • Frankie

          I believe but what people? French people? And how many started to see the movie?

        • Vincenzo Politi

          “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis” is one of the best and most beloved European comedies ever. It has also a very good and funny Italian remake “Benvenuti al Sud”. I like them both.

          • FlyteBro

            You are right, it is definitely beloved in France, but so is Luis de Funes. And incidentally both de Funes and les Ch’tis deliver a whimsy theatrical brand of humor which I (and pretty much everyone else in the cinema) found about as abhorrently unfunny as Mel Brooks at his very worst. The actors were trying much too hard, and could not utter a single joke without giving a smug wink to the camera. Absolutely unbearable.

  • Frankie

    Sorry but you don’t forget: “Twins – 1988”, “Junior – 1994″ and most of all ” Jingle all the way – 1996″ all with the horrible Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • killerjoe1985

    All movies of A Sandler are big shit. Agree American Pie (i don’t see the complete saga)

  • BaronMarx

    This list definitely makes the “Top 10 Worst Lists Posted on Taste Of Cinema”. Not saying any of the films mentioned are well done, but they’re not even close to deserving the “All Time” label. Another list crafted by someone who knows nothing about the genre they’re targeting. Do your homework kiddo.

  • indianscotsman

    Hangover 3. Hell yeah

  • bijinius

    ridiculous list. Ernest is FAR from the worst, there’s no Movie 43… and “Every Adam Sandler movie since 2000” is a cop out of immense proportions.

  • Nemanja Bandini

    Scary Movie 3 is the funniest of them all, and European Gigolo is great