Microwave Massacre (1983) Arrow Video Blu-ray Review

microwave massacre 1

New from Arrow Video is the Blu-ray/DVD release Microwave Massacre, an absolutely delightful horror-comedy that could easily be considered an offspring of the cult director John Waters. The story is about the aging construction worker Donald (Jackie Vernon), who has grown tired of his wife’s attempts at fancy cuisine and an upscale lifestyle. He gets […]

20 Great Movies You Must See on The Big Screen

Among cinephiles, the imploration “You’ve GOT to see this movie in the theater!” is far beyond cliché at this point. We all get excited when we leave the local cinema feeling changed by the experience. It’s a throwback to our cave dwelling days, when community groups would gather for shelter and exchange exaggerated tales which […]

10 Weird and Wonderful Ghost Movies You Might Not Have Seen

weird ghost movies

You might not have noticed, but there’s a new Ghostbusters film out. While your waiting for the sequel to the remake, or grumbling about your stolen childhood, lets have a look at some other fun ghost flicks you might have missed. There is something about the superstition and mythology of ghosts that lends itself to […]

10 Great Tearjerker Art Films That Will Make You Cry

Paris, Texas (1984)

There’s a certain underlying derisiveness in calling a movie a “tearjerker”; the term suggests excessive sentimentality and manufactured emotion, a movie carefully designed to get viewers to bawl their eyes out. A tearjerker can double as a genuinely great film though when that emotion is earned, and these ten films surely put in the work […]