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Daily Archives: June 15, 2016

In the post-Star Wars decade of the 1980s, science fiction films continued to flourish, now with the added incentive that they could command big box office receipts. Franchises were popular, as were big event films, and adding elements from other genres was big, too (like sci-fi horror, and sci-fi comedy), and filmmakers as diverse as James Cameron, John Carpenter, Alex… Read more »

15 June 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive seemed to have come out of nowhere; a relatively unknown Danish director directing an art film starring, of all people, The Notebook star Ryan Gosling sounded like a very hit-or-miss premise. Despite having only Gosling’s star power and an enthusiastic film festival reception to back it up though, the film ended up earning six times its… Read more »

15 June 2016 | Features, Film Lists

If there is a tool unlike any other, it would be the ability to hold a conversation, to project what’s on our mind onto the lives of others, hitting them with an incredibly profound impact, for they have lived it according to their own words. Through these provoking aspects of our thoughts, we manage to shed light onto visceral, random,… Read more »

15 June 2016 | Features, Other Lists