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The 10 Worst Animated Movies of All Time

08 November 2015 | Features, Film Lists | by Shane Steeley

worst animated movies

Cartoons tend to be common thing for children to get engulfed with, but it has shifted to a major art form that can be for adults, teenagers, and college students. Until recently, animated films have been treated like a step-child to more standard film especially by the academy and the public at large.

Several movies detail a beautiful narrative in a way that just can’t be told in more traditional means. The movies on this list however do not do that. They tend to be a blemish on a beautiful art form that many still are trying to get people to believe in its credibility.


10. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Now this maybe a little in line with heresy, but this just isn’t a good animated film or really film in general. The only reason most of the Disney films of the 30s, 40s and 50s stay around is all due to base nostalgia. Even the critics of the time found it to be quite a disappointment, yet this continues to be a staple in every movie collection, especially for children. There are many Disney animated films that are much better and stimulate the mind more than this.

A story that boils down to boring jealousy and a love story that has absolutely no backing whatsoever aside from an odd political ramification for the kingdom. The two love interests are betrothed at the ages of 5 and 1 respectively, yet this is treated as a film that every little girl should watch? Nah, if you have a young daughter or really any child, have them watch Mulan. You and your child will be much happier.

Also if most people don’t even know the main characters’ real name, you made an uneventful, unremarkable character that needs retooling. Seriously, all of the people who can say the main character of Sleeping Beauty’s actual name without a Wikipedia search could probably hold a convention in a phone booth.


9. Shrek The Third


Personally this one is not a movie to finish. It was on TBS a couple times and every time the channel was changed. After the first two were such blockbuster hits, many people arguing that the sequel was better than the original which definitely has merit. This movie had none of the heart of the other two and led to several odd and off putting pop culture references throughout.

For the first half of the movie, it plays like an even lamer version of King Ralph, with Shrek acting as king of Far Far Away. The newer characters had a small amount of promise especially Prince Charming, but thanks to the boring story line and secondary hero that gave no one any reason to root for him.

This addition was selected as part of the Shrek canon rather than the fourth because this was the beginning of the decline. The film series could have stopped here, but instead they continued and made sequels and spin offs that not even the most die hard of Shrek fan should like.


8. Over The Hedge

over the hedge

This is another movie that can be seen once and the viewer would be fine. Many of the films in the higher parts of this list are painfully mediocre and no more is this apparent than with DreamWork’s “Over The Hedge”. While trying to cash in on the talking animal craze that came about in part due to Open Season and Barnyard, they decided to try fusing the two ideas into a stupid mess.

Maybe he had a summer home he needed to buy, or alimony was hitting him hard, but Bruce Willis decided to star in this film as a conniving raccoon. Shockingly this film actually had a pretty stellar cast, yet every joke just fell flat. The conflict was based on one thing, Willis’ character accidently causing a bears food to be destroyed, because apparently when bears hibernate, they just eat junk food and binge watch Netflix for a couple months.

But aside from the stupid plot, the fact no character really sees beyond his façade is quite comical but not in a good way. You want to root for these characters, but they just don’t give you a reason to. Now, of course this isn’t supposed to be some sort of nature documentary, but the fact that this bear doesn’t actually hibernate and it is the major plot point of the movie is necessary.

Typically bears eat a lot over an extended period of time before hibernating, yet this bear waits till the day before to get the food he is owed. The second point of this movie is an odd Lorax style lesson about conservation and humans destroying animals habitats.

While it is supposed to be funny that the animals aside from the raccoon know nothing about human culture, it’s honestly just another boring cliché that has been done in a million different cartoon shows and movies. The movie is just painfully sub par and it doesn’t really try to be anything more.


7. Shark Tale

shark tale

‘Hey, Block Buster is all out of Finding Nemo DVDs? Let’s get Shark Tale instead.’ This was a conversation that was far too common back in 2004 but honestly why would you rent that instead. If you wanted an animated movie about fish and being underwater just rent The Little Mermaid, it looks better at least and wasn’t a sad cash grab.

This movie was the definition of what was stated before, a bland mediocre movie that tried to pass itself off as some “Nemo” alternative. While they tried to make some jokes that would appeal to parents that had to watch it they were far and few in between and painfully hackneyed.

Along with the “Urban” motif that for some strange reason just has to be shoehorned in, like it is in many of Will Smith’s movies. Because it is better to treat a demographic as if they are stupid and a hive mind of simplistic thought than individuals with different feelings and emotions. This movie just went on with nothing really satisfying overall.


6.Rugrats Go Wild

Rugrats Go Wild © Paramount Pictures Int

Now for any 1990’s/early 2000’s kid, “The Rugrats” were a major part of their childhoods, especially the movies both the first movie and the sequel. Both films felt like an interesting story that was an enjoyable experience and needed to be a film rather than just feeling like a long episode. And “The Wild Thornberry’s”, while not as popular as Rugrats, it did have a large enough popularity to spawn an enjoyable film and several seasons.

Now why anyone thought it was necessary to fuse the two into one movie is just baffling. The two universes have little to nothing to do with each other aside from being Nickelodeon shows. But this didn’t stop them from promoting this movie to the moon and back with gimmicks. The most memorable one was actually one of the few bright spots for this movie, which was a scratch and sniff card to smell with during the movie.

This was fun for kids ,but at the end of the day, it led to nothing but a disappointing mess. Eliza being able to speak to Spike was an interesting idea, especially due to them using some sort of contract magic with of all people Bruce Willis, who was in the Rugrats sequel as Spike earlier.

Using a pretty good actor to play the dog was interesting, but it just led to a cluster of the films run time focusing purely on the Rugrats. Making the film feel like a 3rd Rugrats movie with The Wild Thornberry’s wedged in.



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  • Erik Pham

    Well, I would ought to think that Dinosaur was very good.

    • Shane Steeley

      I thought Dinosaur was visually stunning just the story was too formulaic again tons of potential just the follow through was unfortunate.

  • Felipe Aponte
    • Shane Steeley

      I’ll give it a look some time.

  • Marcell Chateaubriand

    I found this critics a little pretentious.

    • Jamie Cansdale

      I found this critic to be a terrible writer. Which I am shocked about (seeing as he majored in journalism)

      • Unless you’re working for some legit publication like the New York Times or some prominent newspaper or magazine. A journalism degree doesn’t mean shit.

        • Freddy Guerra

          Damn, that seriously hit home!

          • Well it’s the truth. After all, I’ve been writing reviews for 15 years and I don’t need some fucking degree to tell me how good I am.

  • Andrew G. Benson

    First things first. Rugrats Gone Wild was bae.

  • wendell ottley

    Good stuff, but I’ll admit to thinking Shark Tale was okay. Sure, it’s a knock-off, but not a terrible one. Never saw any of your top 5, thank goodness, because they all look awful. I haven’t even heard of #1, 3, or 4. #3 is a bit of a surprise since I was definitely into cartoons heavily in the 80s. Glad I missed it.

  • I haven’t seen very many of these but I still think Barbie Fairytopia should have made the list. I saw it three or four times because my niece liked it so much. I have never in my life been so fascinated by bad movie-making. Barbie Fairytopia is the Manos the Hands of Fate of animated movies.

  • Manuel Salgado Palacios

    The two animated versions of Titanic are far worst than Rugrats Gone Wild.

  • Dean Kish

    You guys need to dig deeper… HOODWINKED 2… VALIANT… KIARA… DELGO… Rock-a-Doodle… Rover Dangerfield… Bebe’s Kids… We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story… Pagemaster

  • The first four I can kind of agree but the rest, not so much as they’re just OK though Sleeping Beauty is actually a classic. Here’s one that I’m sure many haven’t seen but I think it is really fucking bad. Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night. I was one of the unfortunate that saw this as I was 7 when it came out as it was hyped as a sequel to the Disney movie. What a rip-off as my mother didn’t like it and I didn’t like it. I think that was the first bad movie that I saw in the theaters.

  • Mrterrific9

    I don’t agree with a lot of these entries but I’ll partake in the spirit of the article and I will throw in a controversial animated movie that a lot of people seem to love. “Pokemon the first movie”. I just wanted all the damn Pokemon to fight to the death in the end >:-D. Stupid Ash.

  • Oddly enough, Shrek 4 was pretty good again.

  • Veronica Clarke

    Sleeping Beauty’s name is Princess Aurora. (Actually I only watch that movie for the dragon.)

    • Ted Wolf

      They even rhyme her name with adore her. How could someone watch it and not remember the name?

  • sam

    Any disney sequel

  • Zoltán Sándor Varga

    And where’s this???:

  • Matias Flores

    Eight Crazy Nights is a horrible, horrible movie, don’t get me wrong. But at least the animation is nice and it has a holiday feel to it. I don’t disagree that this are all bad movies, but i don’t know, seems like you are leaving out A LOT of foreign films that are just plain stupid, ugly or unpleasant. At least some of these are watchable once, can’t say the same about any movie by, say, Brazilian studio Video Brinquedo (mainly Disney knock offs with first year student’s style of animation). And come on, The Legend of The Titanic i think is up there with The Christmas Tree in the “so bad is good” category XD.

  • Klaus Dannick

    I love the appearance of Sleeping Beauty on this list because I despise Hollywood’s animated features: it’s great to see that group of films represented on a eorst-of list. Also, this list made me want to see a number of these movies because I generally hate blockbuster-animated features. I sat through some allegedly “good” animated features, and I always find myself mentally analyzing how these films program their target audience to be entitled and conformist little brats with princess fixations. It would be refreshing to see an animated feature which becomes an unwitting mockery of that programming process (and I do make exceptions for non-Hollywood animated features which I do sometimes admire).

    • Phoenix Ramsey

      I feel that a worse movie should have been picked to represent Hollywood style animated films. I also tend to dislike them like you do, mainly on the formula basis. But Disney classics like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Bambi are pretty influential and gorgeous works of moving art (in my opinion). A lot of the Pixar movies are so f#$king formulaic though. I just ordered Fantastic Planet Criterion Collection. <3

  • Wyatt W.B

    Fuck you! Over the hedge was dope!

  • BK207

    I liked and would re-watch Over The Hedge

  • Manuel Salgado Palacios

    Where is Norm of the North?

  • Debb Morgan

    This bs. My kids loved Over the Edge and Shark Tales. Still do.

  • Adolfo Luévano

    No place for The Simpsons Movie?

    • chrosTV

      It wasn’t bad at all. Not even mediocre, not even okay, I’d go as far to say it was good

  • Dave Anderson

    Did this ‘journalism major’ even proofread this?

  • Jules F. Melo Borges

    What the…
    And i didn’t even enjoy Sleeping Beauty so much.
    You need to watch more stuff.

  • The Magician

    You never saw “Bolivar el héroe” unless yo see this movie you can’t talk about the worst animated films.

  • Cesáreo

    The Little Prince. Disappointing.