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10 Recent Movies Criminally Underrated by Their IMDb Scores

16 June 2015 | Features, Film Lists | by Gavin Miller

underrated movies by IMDB scores

IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, is something of the audience’s Rotten Tomatoes. The movie-centric website features all the information you could ever desire about every film ever made, and it also gives users an opportunity to rate those movies on a star-system of 1-10.

The website’s user-base is decidedly mainstream – some of the highest rated films on IMDb include “The Shawshank Redemption” (#1), “The Godfather” (#2), “The Dark Knight” (#4) and the whole “Lord of the Rings” trilogy (#16, #11 & #9). Not that there’s anything wrong with selections such as these, they’re all great movies, but collectively, IMDb’s taste in film is not avant-garde.

Because IMDb’s population is mainstream in its majority, when an art film, or a movie of unorthodox form is negatively rated, it seems to be more often due to a confused defense-response than any real critical analysis.

It’s difficult not to come off as pretentious concerning this topic, although this is simply the truth: sometimes when a movie-goer who is used to a certain breed of easily-digestible film is confronted by something utterly different, he/she responds in an unfairly critical manner, just not a manner in which the artistic value of the film itself is fairly recognized or taken into consideration.

In addition to this, when exploring the IMDb message boards of many of the films on this list, one will encounter far more perplexed, shallow criticism than genuine analyzation.

Everyone has radically different tastes in movies, and by no means should anyone’s opinions be devalued because of their preferences, but it is also frustrating to watch when certain movies are subjected to the low ratings of opinionated disparagers who know not what to make of a piece simply because of its esotericism.

This list is dedicated to some of those films, which we feel have been criminally underrated by the IMDb user-base – I’ve chosen titles with scores of 7.0 (the average IMDb rating) and below (as of 5/29/15), which objectively deserve higher when viewed through the eyes of someone with an appreciation for cinema as art.


10. Noah (Aronofsky)

IMDb Score: 5.9

Noah (2014)

“Noah”, auteur Darren Aronofsky’s interpretation of the iconic Biblical tale, suffered from being written off as yet another dumb, audience-pandering Christian propaganda film.

Being a religious-themed movie is tough when the market is predominantly populated by such notable titles as “God’s Not Dead”, “Heaven Is for Real”, “Left Behind” and “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas”, but maybe if more people had understood the significance of Aronofsky’s directorial credit, “Noah” would have been viewed through less eager-to-judge mindsets.

Keeping in mind that Aronofsky previously directed the sinful, lesbian-themed “Black Swan”, and also that he’s an atheist whose interest in the story of Noah has nothing to do with actually believing in it, his debut foray into big-budget, mainstream filmmaking reveals uncommon depth and intelligence for a blockbuster of its scale, as well as the artistry and style reliably present in an Aronofsky picture.

“Noah” is not the director’s best – in fact, out of his six feature films, it’s his worst – but it’s certainly worth more than a 5.9, and is actually one of the better Biblical epics in recent cinema history (even if that’s not saying a whole lot).


9. Enemy (Villeneuve)

IMDb Score: 6.8


An indie favorite among the cinephile crowd, yet largely misunderstood by the general movie-going public, “Enemy” is a modern doppelganger thriller in the surrealistic vein of David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Alfred Hitchcock. Following the success of his abduction mystery “Prisoners”, Denis Villeneuve’s second teaming with Jake Gyllenhaal is captivatingly creepy and irresistibly atmospheric, showcasing the director’s talent at building suspense and provoking an unsettling, enigmatic flare from a story.

Much of the backlash from the typical IMDb user can be attributed to the confusing nature of the storytelling, which intentionally puts the audience in the dark, and also the film’s ending, which was much debated and doubtlessly left many unsatisfied.

While these aspects of “Enemy” certainly would have distanced those expecting a traditional, understandable narrative, the film’s greatest strengths are in its unorthodox direction and mystifying air. Much has been made of the ending, and regardless of the range of opinions, it is undeniably daring and chilling.


8. Goodbye to Language 3D (Godard)

IMDb Score: 6.0

Goodbye to Language

In his late period pièce de résistance, 2014’s “Goodbye to Language 3D”, Jean-Luc Godard seems determined to redefine the “Language” of cinema – for the second time in his sixty-year spanning career. To anyone who has seen Godard’s latest transcendental free-form piece, it is certainly no surprise that it did not make for a universally positive experience for the users of IMDb.

This explosively philosophical mash-up of narrative and video-essay filmmaking styles is arbitrary to the point of complete structural abandon, and the end result is an artistic triumph, although it does require a highly sophisticated appreciation for cinema to fully grasp just what makes it so special.

Something that “Goodbye to Language 3D” undeniably does, is show the audience things we have never seen before. Premiering at Cannes 2014, the film gave cinephiles a 3D movie they could get behind, and a whole barrage of innovation in the visual departments. Although “Goodbye to Language” may not play as well on a small screen, for those of us lucky enough to catch it in theaters, in 3D, it was a one-of-a-kind cinema experience that could only be credited to a master of the medium.


7. The Babadook (Kent)

IMDb Score: 6.9

Essie Davis - “The Babadook”

“The Babadook” was arguably the horror film of 2014. First-time director Jennifer Kent’s vision, along with the performance of Essie Davis, made for a genuinely scary film with impeccable production, as well as a sense of spirit which is too often absent in the genre’s offerings today. The film’s powerful psychological themes of grief and real human horror permeate the story and mood, and they help “The Babadook” rise above its lukewarm contemporaries in an overcrowded playing field.

It’s hard to believe that a film as good as this one scored a mere 6.9 on IMDb. If you haven’t seen “The Babadook”, don’t let this figure put you off though – Davis’ performance as a widowed mother trying to contend with her increasingly disturbed son is enough of a reason to.

It isn’t uncommon for horror films to have female leads, but in place of a one-dimensional damsell, Davis is unforgettable, in a turn that actually led many to place her work among the best performances of the year. Both the film and the performance defy expectations, raising the standards of what is expected from modern horror.


6. Antichrist (Von Trier)

IMDb Score: 6.6


Whenever a movie dares to depict the taboo, or a filmmaker goes where others would not, criticism and divisive reception are inevitable. This has been evidenced over and over again in the history of cinema thanks to filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch – and Lars Von Trier – whose 2009 boundary-pushing “Antichrist” found him going further than ever before, and reaching new heights as an auteur and an artist.

Still wildly disagreed upon, the film explores themes of depression and grief with uncensored sequences of sex and grisly mutilation which range from wince-inducing to barely watchable. Other themes in the film also led some to accuse Von Trier of being a misogynist.

The polarizing nature of the piece would definitely provide insight into its criminally low IMDb score. Again, films as audacious as Von Trier’s are bound to be subject of misunderstanding and strong opinions both positive and negative, but for those who can handle the intense, visceral cinematic experience that is “Antichrist”, a real surprise awaits – a visually stunning, bravely introspective work of art characterized by Lars Von Trier’s bold daring to make a film which few other directors would have to gumption to.



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  • Arnaldo Fernandez

    I think “Noah” and “Under the skin” deserve even less than the IMDB score.

    • Kim Chi Huynh

      for sure i agree under the skin was amazing

    • Mikey0

      I agree. God should sue.

    • Spook Nukem

      Noah was an abortion of a film, truly terrible.

    • Carl Edgar Consiglio

      Noah and Tree of Life. Under the Skin was good.

  • Ted Wolf

    I think Tree of Life’s rating is at least 2 higher than my ranking!

    • Teodoro Medeiros

      Goes to show you are a typical imdbier…

      • Ted Wolf

        Or my pretentious artist meter still works.

        • johnnywrong

          Nah…you’re just typical. It’s not a pretentious film. Indulgent, maybe, but not pretentious. So many people misuse that word. You just don’t appreciate it’s style, whereas many others do.

        • Teodoro Medeiros

          That´s exactly what a typical imdbier thinks… next you gonna say the characters were not “deep”, or “rich” enough…
          (which is really laughable on such a symbolic film… this is a film, not a “movie”

          • Ted Wolf

            Whoa, did I hit a nerve? i’m sure there are people who found Jackson Pollock’s splatter-art pretentious and history has shown them “wrong.” It’s way too soon to see if history will vindicate Ted or Teodoro.

          • Teodoro Medeiros

            It is not too soon; a majority of critics really like the film… I am sure you know the tendency is a great piece of art might be underrated at first and then fully accepted (2001, Vertigo, Psycho) and not the inverse…
            which indicates it will still be viewed as a great piece 50 years on…
            The hate that “The tree of life” gets from typical american audiences is just weird…

          • Ted Wolf

            Your argument is seriously flawed. Let’s look at the big Oscar win for How Green Was My Valley, a very highly praised movie of its time which now regarded as a very weak Ford attempt and pales in comparison to its competition that year. There are many more examples like this in movies, literature, music and art. TOL was definitely not made for the “typical american audience” but then what art movie is? Do I detect some xenophobia in your remarks?

          • Teodoro Medeiros

            Oscars are seriously flawed..

            You didn´t know that? How many did Tree of life get?
            Just a poor example you used…

          • Ryan Hampshire

            Have not watched the movie but Film critics are few and their job is to help the masses find the good movies and often times the masses aka the many choose to disagree with the few aka critics who potentially had something to gain by overselling said films. and in truth the masses are the ones who make/break a movie thus are the ones the moviemakers should be trying to impress.

          • Teodoro Medeiros

            I don´t think the critics who “sold” this movie were trying to do something other than doing their job…
            Plus, why comment if you didn´t see the movie?

        • Linnea Kari Tess Gulldén

          It seems like it’s a fashion these days to hate movies for being pretentious. We should all enjoy PG Action movies then and consider them great cause they are not pretentious.

          • Ted Wolf

            If a movie, or any attempt at art, is pretentious it should be despised. Being pretentious is not a good thing.

          • Linnea Kari Tess Gulldén

            But why is it a bad thing?

          • Ted Wolf

            pretentious is assuming undeserved respectability. It’s a falseness at its very core.

    • José Rafael Solis Corps

      I agree. It’s one of the most boring movies ever.

      • johnnywrong

        For the hard of thinking, perhaps.

        • William MacAdams

          As opposed to the visually impaired.

          • Teodoro Medeiros

            Visually impared? Are you really saying that about one of the most beautifully shot movies in history?

            Now that is self confidence!

  • Dennis Calloway

    Under the skin will become the most acclaimed film on the list.

    • George Chadwick

      I thought Tree of Life was very easy to understand and a great movie. The first half is about a mother’s grief trying to understand how the death of her son fits into God’s plan. The second half is a brothers grief for his family, the brother, the lost connections with his parents.

      I thought All is Lost is a very good movie and easy to understand. It’s a metaphor for life and how our efforts to save ourselves are always for naught. He dies in the end and God lifts him to peace.

      This from someone who needs his kids to explain basic movies.

  • Sagnik Nath

    Seriously?? you consider ‘Noah ‘ to be an underrated movie,of all things??? That was the worst instance of cinematic ‘epicness’ I have seen in my entire life.Utterly pretentious environmentalist protection propaganda ,with the only merit being that it can cure any insomniac of his/her affliction .

    • Mikey0

      The Devil could not have made a worse movie.

      • Sagnik Nath

        or maybe he DID do it to smite us all movie critics -_-

        • HLLH

          so you’re movie critic?

          • Sagnik Nath

            Isn’t any person, with the power of the internet, one these days??
            But on a more sober note ,I would like to consider myself an amateur ,given that I have seen over a vast library of films by different international directors over the years and read several detailed critiques about them 🙂

          • HLLH

            Yeah, whatever you say.

          • Sagnik Nath

            sarcasm?? feel free to express yourself instead of going into that ^_^

    • SmithDoc

      yeah, leaving the garden of eden was the right choice. clearly we’re too idiotic to have that much responsibility.

  • Bryton Cherrier

    Now do one for Rate Your Music.

  • Jorge Pancolart

    Ben Stiller comedies low on IMDB.

  • eagleye

    For better or worse, those scores seem on point. The films (as great as they may be) have the propensity to exclude a good amount of viewer-sensibility.

  • marcel

    Let’s talk about movies we already talked about. Scroll scroll scroll.

    • eagleye

      Uh, why do you think this forum exists?

      • marcel

        To discover. Maybe you watch 1 movie/year. Or you watch same movies over and over again.

        • eagleye


          • marcel


          • eagleye

            Your comments don’t make any sense.

          • marcel

            Your comments don’t make any sense.

          • eagleye

            How so?

          • marcel

            How so?

    • eagleye

      You’re a cunt.

      • marcel

        Indeed. You are a small number in a big excel table. Go complain to your grandma

  • Amit Shekhar

    Whoever write this article is a no sense guy and you have no understanding of IMDB scores . You think Snowpiercer is a great film, you understand nothing about logic and credibility in a film. Do you know why Sniwpiercer is 7.0, because of fake star rating bought by studios, it shouldn’t be more than 5 if it would be only audience choice. Noah and antichrist are appropriately rated. They are in no sense great films. To know IMDB rating you should review of 5-10 pages of reviews then only you understand audience reactions. Improve your logic and credibility sense which you don’t possess now.

    • Drnemesis

      It is not only the writer who thinks Snowpiercer is a great film, but a majority of critics do too.
      People who dislike Snowpiercer never really loved cinema. I just don’t get it. How can people not appreciate Snowpiercer? Joon-ho Bong is one of the best directors out there.

      • Sagnik Nath

        Yeah snowpiercer had its fair share of flaws ,true but it’s merits well compensate for its shortcomings . There was quite some interesting social commentary plus the director did a great job bringing a lot of life and emotion to scenes

    • SmithDoc

      at the end of the day, the imdb scores can only reflect the sensibilities of the users of imdb -they indicate nothing of the critical value of the work, because imdb users aren’t critics, they’re consumers.

  • Susan F

    Wow, this article has made me have a greater respect for IMDB scores than I ever had before. Bravo, Brava IMDB! You are genious. I have never seen a list of more boring and PRETENTIOUS bad films in my entire life. And this is coming from a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts (NYU Film School) with a concentration in Film Production and Film History. Please save valuable hours of your life and DON’T see these horribly, justifiably unseen film.

    • Teodoro Medeiros

      All is lost is kind of a dud, I´ll give you that, but “Tree of life” is a major piece of art and your quoted curriculum makes your comment all the more painful to read…
      I guess you think Batman and Interstellar are great cinema because of all the production…
      Try and get out of the hole you dig yourself into…

      • Susan F

        I don’t know why I am responding. I am so intellectually superior to you its a waste of my time. Films like The White Ribbon and Amour (alright, I’m a Michael Haneke fan), Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem, Whiplash, Tim’s Vermeer, Ida, A Separation, The Tree of the Wooden Clogs, Rashomon, The Seven Samurai, Kagemusha (alright I’m a Kurosawa fan), The Godfather Parts One and Two, Notorious, North by Northwest, Rear Window, Vertigo, the Lodger, The Man Who New Too Much (the original with Peter Lorre of course), Psycho (alright I’m a Hitch fan), M, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Last Laugh/Der Letzte Mann, Fury, Sunrise, The Blue Angel (love me my German Expressionism, the real Film Noir) The Best Years of Our Lives, Some Like it Hot, One Two Three, Sunset Blvd (alright, I’m a Billy Wilder fan), I Am A Fugitive From a Chain Gang, Scarface, Dr. Erlich’s Magic Bullet, Little Cesser, Double Indemnity (alright, I’m a Paul Muni and Edward G. Robinson Fan), The Apu Trilogy (alright I’m a Satyajit Roy fan), Ali Fear Eats the Soul, Berlin Alexanderplatz, Veronika Voss, The Marriage of Maria Braun (alright I’m a Reinier Werner Fassbinder fan), The Searchers, The Grapes of Wrath, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (alright I’m a John Ford fan), The Awful Truth, His Girl Friday My Man Godfrey (I love a screwball comedy and Cary Grant), Hair the Conquering Hero, The Lady Eve, The Miracle at Morgan’s Gap, Sullivan’s Travels (alright, I’m a Preston Sturges Fan), Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, The Departed, King of Comedy, Mean Streets (I didn’t love Wolf of Wall Street or the Aviator), Night of the Hunter, The Pawnbroker, Open City, La Strada, La Dolce Vita, The Bicycle Thief, Cinema Paradiso, the Leopard (Burt Lancaster’s best performance) (Italian Realism is a favorite genre of mine), The Earrings of Madame Du, Le Ronde (alright, I’m a fan of Max Ophuls), The Rules of the Game, The Grand Illusion (alright I’m a Jean Renoir fan and I love his dear old dad’s painting too), Veridiana, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (alright I’m Luis Bunuel fan) , Rushmore, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom (alright, I’m a Wes Anderson Fan), all things Howard Hawks, all things Fred Astaire. These are my kind of films. I must admit I only saw Batman I and did not see Interstellar. I’m not a fan of Christopher Nolan. I did love Kingsman. So funny and outrageous and that church scene. Hilarious. I had to be dragged to see it by my 17 y.o. son and did I enjoy it. I guess your taste is very different. Back to work now. I have been goofing off. I’m a Lawyer now so time is money.

        • Teodoro Medeiros

          I will tell why you are responding, in spite of being, very clearly, much superior to me, of course;

          the fact is you made a very dumb comment and you are now trying to get out of the hole you diged yourself into…

          why the long list of films? I could have provided a similar list myself and I never studied the technical aspects of cinema…

          Plus, and this hurts your pretentious post, many lists such as mine and yours would include the “boring and PRETENTIOUS” Terence Malick…

          You know you are in trouble when the best you can say to put a film down is to say it´s boring…

          Plus, Tarkovsky is a genius many people find boring… where is he on your list?

          And you should try lesser known Kurosawa which is even better…

          And La Dolce Vita is really not italian neo-realism (not italian realism as you say)

          And you should try Rebecca as it is probably the most underrated Hitchcock.

          Your list is pretty standard and cliche filled; come on, who does not like Vertigo? And you miss out on most european great directors; where is Kieslowski?
          Take that and next time try harder, you intelectual superior being…

          • This get’s interesting. Thanks for all the tipps!

        • Gary

          Oh yeah? I like lamp.

        • HLLH

          Didnt like Night of the Hunter.

    • Gebhardt Pöppe

      “Enemy” is a pretty good movie with a complex deeper meaning.
      Nice to analyze.

    • William MacAdams

      Did you cut your English classes? “genious”

    • James Do

      “I’m a Lawyer now so time is money.”

      A lawyer who misspelled “genius”? I expect you are not paid well.

      “I am so intellectually superior to you its a waste of my time.”

      Keep thinking that, you self-conceited moron. I’m fairly certain you’re simply another basement dweller that takes great pleasure in posing as someone they’re not just to keep up a pathetic facade.

  • Jen Raywalt

    The Tree of Life & All Is Lost are garbage. I have never been so bored watching Redford on screen, & I love that man. I was very pleasantly surprised how good Snowpiercer was. Antichrist traumatized my boyfriend so bad, he vowed never to watch another Von Trier film ever again. I enjoyed Noah, as well, altho it’s definitely not my favorite film of Russell Crowe’s. It was nice seeing him reunited with Jen, tho.

    • Teodoro Medeiros

      americans are so clever

    • Teodoro Medeiros

      Came back to reply because I saw snowpiercer and it´s such a big mess I can´t even begin to describe it… the most obvious flaw is the idea of a non stoping train riding like forever… seriously, who was the genius who came up with that? And then you need a kid to keep it running!
      Symbolism must make sense on the literal aspect or it´s just garbage and garbage this is, a real mess of a movie and I could fill a book with what it´s wrong with it…
      just because it is entertaining, doesn´t mean it´s good…
      People like you don´t know about cinema´s language; I get more from a single shot of The Tree of Life than this entire film…
      Hey, I thought you were into symbolism…

      • Amit Motro

        Came back to replay because I just read all your comments… you are an asshole! Seriously!

        • Teodoro Medeiros

          That must be the same reason my comments have many thumbs up, right?

  • Richard McLin

    Noah was awful.

  • José Rafael Solis Corps

    I think The Tree of Life is one of the most boring movies ever.

    • Teodoro Medeiros

      americans are so clever…

      • HLLH

        Watching slow contemplative movies=clever? Don’t be that guy.

        • Teodoro Medeiros

          The tree of life is not slow and there are a lot of things in movies that are more important than “clever”…
          But thanks for your deep thoughts anyway…

          • HLLH

            Thanks for your insightful thoughts, too.


            YOU’RE A DICK, TEODORO.

  • Mateo Ormeño Caballero

    All is Lost is one of the best of 2013. Chandor is an overlooked director , Margin Call and A Most Violent Year are fantastic movies that deserves more attention.

  • Nafis Ishraq

    “under the skin”

  • asalways

    I would still encourage a teenager more than condemn one like that… The author has his ideas.

  • Davis Thompson

    The social commentary in Snowpiercer is as subtle as a thrown frying pan. Literally the stupidest movie I’ve seen in years.

    • Richo

      Not as stupid as Doctor Strange, but pretty bloody stupid nonetheless.

  • Lord Darque

    To be honest I am surprised all these movies are rated as high as they are. They appeal to a very small number of people and it they had all been rated 1/2 what they are that would seem normal.

    Anything rated 5 or above is going to get looks from people. It is only when you get down into the really low numbers will the majority give them pass. Except of course for those odd people who search out the movies that nobody else likes.

  • Kudos to the author, a truly amazing list!

  • Jorge Pancolart

    Bloody Mama scores 5.6 way too low

  • Mikey0

    Entertainment should not require work.

    • Gary

      “Are You Not Into Trains!”

    • SmithDoc

      but what if entertainment is just one possibility for film?

  • paulus

    You can not criticize a mainstream site for reflecting mainstream opinions. The low scores are a reflection of the majority publics taste in cinema. You may not agree, but that does not mean they are wrong. The majority simply has a different opinion.

    • JV

      They’re not even a reflection of ‘the majority public’ – they represent the views of regular voters on IMDB. Regular IMDB voters, as far as I can tell, are not demographically representative of the general public.

  • PAW

    Can’t speak to the other movies but “All Is Lost” was grossly OVERrated. Ask anyone who knows how to sail. Redford and Chandor clearly don’t. A truly embarrassing movie with a silly, quasi-poetic ending.

  • Andy Tec

    I needed 4 days to see Noah,every time I would fall asleep,I usually can’t fall asleep but this movie is my best sleeping pill..,

  • Beka Tsintsadze

    London Boulevard !!!

  • rogeriozz

    “The Tree of Life”… what a load of crap. I’m glad to see that at least the IMDb score is low. I can’t stand my friends worship this boring pedantry.

  • jithindurden

    Just reading the comments here we can see why these movies are underrated. When films that people don’t understand comes they should at least try to understand why these movies are studied deeply by many and try to look into that rather than just saying its a boring movie

    • kytetiger

      I have only seen 3 of the list:

      – camera mouvement are repetitives, lack of créativity and repeats itself.
      – story materials are the commun ones, and there is no new aspect
      – 2 weight 2 measures in the opening of the movies, as if he doesnt know what is his position
      – all the characters are neurotic. Noah is violent and noting else, his wife has no character development and doesnt do a thing. Scenaristicly, you could remove her and the story would be the same. the childs do nothing.
      – CGI is bad, and they should feel bad for it. (bad blurred, bad incrusting)
      – costumes are hyper modern
      – combat scenes are boring and flabby.

      – ending is lacking in punch, and could actually be remove from the movie
      -shacky camera doesnt help
      – some characters have their story arc finished before the half of the movie, and some are forgottent
      – communism reference from the original book is removed
      – unbalanced rythm, with a lot of actions, then a long time to slow.

      Tree Of Life
      this one was really good:
      – the father and mother are, at the end of the day quite shallow, yet great actor, great performance, a real presence from everyone (yet we only sean penn like 15 min on a 3h movie?!)
      – 1st third is not really interesting, but the 2nd act is great
      – images are sooo beautiful, and i love the use of ink to make the cosmos scenes.
      – musics are transcendantal

      • jithindurden

        I am not saying that this list contains only great movies underrated by IMDb but when people are saying that Tree of life is boring and Antichrist is violent and misogynistic they are really not looking into it at all

  • Michael George

    Miami Vice

  • calmeria

    If humans didn’t “hit the wall” in terms of evolution, then Under the skin would be a masterpeice for the century along with more great films that would’ve been created

  • ProgLiberty

    Underrated “Synecdoche, New York.” (Overrated: “Happiness.”)

  • denjoga

    I got hung up on this before the list even started:
    “…which objectively deserve higher when viewed through the eyes of someone…”
    Isn’t “viewed through the eyes of someone” pretty much the definition of “subjectively”?

  • Rodrigo Liceaga Sota


  • jannik

    I’m so glad you named “All Is Lost”. It is beyond me how people could rave on about “Gravity”, while the clearly superior survival movie went by nearly unnoticed.

    I’d also add “Bellflower”, “Ink”, “The Wild Hunt”, “Valhalla Rising” and “Stoker” to the list.

  • Nancy Hall

    Is imdb score a meaningful measure of anything? It’s probably the least significant measure of the quality of a film I can imagine except, perhaps, for Oscar nominations. I’ll look at Rotten Tomatoes’ composite score, if I’m looking for a film to see, but I’m generally more interested in individual reviews than in the total score. Sometimes, the reasons a critic hated a film are the very reasons I’ll want to see it.

    • JV

      I agree, Nancy, though I much prefer Metacritic as my aggregator.

  • William MacAdams

    The Malick and the (von) Trier are grossly over-rated as is.

  • IMDB is a mixed bag of everyone from critics to cinephiles to normal people who like movies. What do you expect?

  • lilyboosh

    I haven’t seen all of these but given how IMDB users seem to think The Dark Knight and The Shawshank Redemption are some of the best films ever made, I never pay too much attention to their ranking.

  • Ryan Hampshire

    Noah deserved a much lower rating than it got as the previews portrayed it to be a cross between the 10 commandments and Gladiator but due to both an uninspired script and acting it was a total flop. “all is lost” on the otherhand was a pretty good movie that is worth watching a 2nd time even though my initial expectations were that I would find something else to watch after giving it 20 minutes of my time.

  • Kostas Fnord Dagres

    The problem with Snowpiercer is that as an action movie is really incredible,2/3 of the movie.BUT the rest 1/3 is transformed into a pseudophilosophical movie with so much gapes in script .When we judge a movie the first note is about honesty and when a movie change from the perfect hollywood style action movie into a no sense comment about the nature of humans ,sorry but is not an honest movie.There is a ton of great philosophical movies to watch and the crossover of so much different genres rarely works, right now i can only recall Inception and the first Matrix.

  • JV

    Under-rated by whom? Regular IMDB voters? Who cares?

  • Linnea Kari Tess Gulldén

    I agree about The Tree of Life. Good thing judgment was made on RT.

  • Erynthalia

    The Babadook was terrible.
    I’m easily scared by thrillers and horrors but this was so bad and painful to watch. it was really predictable. :/ expected more

  • frozengoatsheadupanunsarse

    These look like very good scores for non mainstream films on a site with users of predominantly mainstream tastes. And very good relative to well established classics. For instance The Babadook has 6.6, while The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has 7.5, Rosemary’s Baby and Night of the Living Dead have 8, etc.

  • Patrick Hill

    Anything Malick creates takes time to be fully appreciated, even by lifelong fans, and auteur cinema fans so it stands to reason that, like Kubrick, the general movie going crowd won’t connect, they demand much patience, something the newer gen can’t deal with. How long did it take for “The Thin Red Line” to finally be regarded as a basically “better” film than “Saving…”.

  • Guido Von M

    Also The Idiots (1998) by Lars Von Trier. (6.9) I Think it deserves a higher score.

  • Lars Franssen

    Personally, I don’t find any of the four films I know from this list underrated, but if anyone enjoys them, hey, good for them! I’ve liked some trashy stuff in my time and each time appreciated not being shamed for it. Why do people have to get so ideologic about other people’s artistic endeavours?

  • jann1k

    All Is Lost, THANK YOU! Probably the best film of his year. It is beyond me how everyone was freaking out about the performances in Gravity, while Redford was barely mentioned by anyone.

  • garden variety

    Under the Skin best movie this Century Mortdecai most underrated

  • Stelios M.

    I totally agree on your point on ”Under the skin”.

  • Carl Edgar Consiglio

    Snowpiercer was great

  • Кирил Тодоров

    Most of these movies are not suitable for the mass audience, so that’s why their rating is low. But the others deserve it:

    Snowpiercer – it was a good sci-fi, entertaining. And that’s just about it. Not great, not exceptional, not different or showing some new points of view. Pointless fight scenes, inadequate caste system (and I’ve seen caste systems around the world, nothing close to this movie….). Moreover there is a book with similar themes that is really great – Inverted World – and if comparing the movie to it, that movie is actually shit.

    Antichrist – great movie, but who could like it, I mean, how can you like something that is so full of brutal violence? Indeed it deserves higher ranking, but will never get it.

    Under the skin – similar for me like antichrist. Its surreal nature is quite difficult for comprehention from the mass audience…

    Enemy – great movie and this one, although quite complicated, could have higher ranking indeed.

    Noah – worst movie in the list, worst movie of Aronofsky. I don’t even understand why it was mentioned here. It doesn’t deserve even the current rating. Unlike The fountain, maybe the best one of Aronofsky – and yet another one with lower rating than it deserves.

    Tree of Life – I didn’t like that one, especially after having watched 2001 – even though they are different, I saw in TOL a weak try to imitate one of the greatest movies… yet this is my opinion and I wouldn’t say the movie was bad. But this one too just cannot get higher rating because of its complexity.

  • Raphael Anti-falácias Mees

    the master belogs here as well, since its PTA at his best and is ranked at 7.1

  • Ernesto Perez

    “He models his lifestyle after The Dude from The Big Lebowski”


  • Abhishek Mondal

    Give it some time and soon enough, several of these films are going to termed as classics. One film here trumps all the others, and that is Under the Skin. I had to go to the theater a second time to revisit and relive the experience. I bought the blue-ray as soon as it came out. The only other film that made me feel like this was 2001…

  • Neil Boreland

    Haven’t seen most of them but Noah doesn’t even deserve anywhere near the mark it got, Snowpiercer was OK but slightly lower than a 7 would have been more on the money and Under the Skin was little more than a dull, pretentious, steaming pile of shite and that’s being overly kind about it – I’d give it 5 with 4 of those marks just for Scar Jo getting her kit off.