10 Famous Actors Who Are Or Have Become Major Disappointments

disappointing actors

Very similar to guests, there are actors who were amazing at one time but have long since overstayed their welcome. Others weren’t welcome in the first place, yet we allowed them in and they promptly overturned the punch bowl and destroyed the t.v.

This list will detail actors/actresses who people seem to inexplicably love and those who were amazing at one point but are hollow shells of what they once were.


10. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Oh Ms. Monroe, how you grace so many self-involved egotists Facebook and dorm walls. While Marilyn was more famous for her modeling work, her acting still is quite revered by many. Which does seem quite baffling.

She did not work well with others, her acting was even by comedy standards pretty laughable and not in a good way. She was poison as a costar, made outrageous demands for someone of her lacking talent and really continues in the consciousness due to the cult of personality that was created around her.


9. Sean Connery

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This is a man who luckily had the decency to finally quit acting after the dreck that was League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Honestly though he should have thrown in the towel much sooner. While Connery was a good addition to the Indiana Jones series, he really plays the same character over and over. While this semi worked with the Bond films, he has gained demi-god like status for being what many consider the definitive Bond.

The constant reprisal of old Scottish guy tended to get old fast and while the original Highlander was great fun, the second was painful and he gave nothing to make it not feel like a cheap cash in. Sean Connery is an interesting and fine actor in specific spots but definitely not the messiah many people make him out to be.


8. Tom Cruise


Now this article could easily top a million words if we talked about his personal life, but for now, it is best to stick to his acting.

While Cruise has stepped up his game recently which has been refreshing, we cannot forget several of his previous films where to quote the great Jay Sherman, he was on “Cruise control” for most of the late nineties and early 2000s.


7. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

This is an actor whose films were fantastic. The Road Warrior, Lethal Weapon, and Braveheart all had anyone with a pulse on the edge of their seats, then sadly he went insane. Gibson’s unsavory actions are so well known, it would be pointless to list them but it is important to mention.

Aside from Gibson’s politics and religious beliefs, he has honestly become a joke. For the past decade, Gibson has not starred in a worthwhile film and that is really the tragedy of it all. While his politics will always be a black mark for this writer and for the public, it is sad that we may never really get to see him in something of substance for quite some time, if ever again.


6. Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Yet again another situation with age or just he was able to bag a couple of good movies to be in. Tommy Lee Jones was a darling throughout the mid-90s, but ever since then, he has become a source of major dissatisfaction. With the second Men in Black being the beginning of the end which was and still is considered a huge disappointment for a sequel and a film in general.

Jones found a way to slightly bounce back with his role in No Country for Old Men, but that was in part to the amazing ensemble that surrounded him. At the end of the day, Jones is a serviceable actor who will be fine by continuing to play an old fatherly type to a main character.