10 Famous Actors Who Are Or Have Become Major Disappointments

5. Will Smith


Right time, right moment. While Smith dazzled us on the small screen on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, he continued with Men in Black and Independence Day. Then of course came Wild Wild West and After Earth. While the Pursuit of Happyness was a fine film in the middle, it did not really make up for the several subpar movies that have been made with him as a front runner.

Now can Will Smith bounce back? Yes, but it will require better screenplays and roles for him to find his old glory. The work that Will Smith keeps turning in is baffling that people keep giving him chances especially in regards to budgets. With so many actors in Hollywood who would die for a film with a budget that several of his bombs have been given, Smith needs to be given a smaller vehicle to drive before going back to a monster truck.


4. Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner

Now Kevin Costner is an interesting animal in regards to film. While he has one of the worst movie flops in the history of cinema to his name, he is still put on a pedestal. Mainly due to Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves and The Bodyguard.

Bluntly put, two of these films are average at best. Field of Dreams can be an enjoyable film if viewed once and it’s definitely not due to Costner’s acting. Dances with Wolves is of course a classic and it is an example where Costner excelled. But then of course comes The Bodyguard, a movie that without Whitney Huston’s music would have never gotten to the point it did in popularity. A boring plodding movie that just went on and on.

Aside from the surprise hit, Hatfield’s and The McCoy’s, most of Costner’s career has honestly been major misses, but so many people consider him something of major worth even though he isn’t really. While Costner has times where he is fantastic, one movie from the early 90s should not give him the credence that he seems to have.


3. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Now this may be more of a personal preference, but her films are just painfully underwhelming. With the mediocre yet beloved sitcom hit Friends, Aniston was able to pretty much play with house money. She is a perfect example of someone who has had one or two pretty good movies she has been a part of, but without her cast supporting her, it becomes obvious that she can’t hold something by herself.

The movies she finds herself in always tend to be boring romantic comedies that just drone on. While Meet The Millers is a fun movie, it is important to note that that movie is not a work that survives thanks to her but the ensemble working well.

If Aniston’s brand of quirky comedy works for viewers, well, then sadly that may be what she will continue to be. Comedy has to evolve and if you just want to keep the same viewers, well fine, but that’s a pretty sad way to go.


2. Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

We get it, you like to smoke pot and be a lovable loser. This goes back to a failure to adapt that many on this list have. Seth Rogen is a funny guy, his movies can be very enjoyable but after all the controversy and press surrounding the entire, most would expect a funny and interesting take on the Kim regime, but instead we got Pineapple Express in Pyongyang.

The North Korean regime is something with so many things that can be criticized and critiqued, but instead, due to this limited range, the jokes had to fit this wheelhouse.

Seth Rogen can speak passionately and eloquently while being funny, anyone who saw him speak before the congressional subcommittee on aging can attest to that. Which is a great video that is highly recommended. Rogen has potential and is young enough to be something more. And the pot jokes are fine, just don’t limit yourself Seth, we know you can do much better.


1. Al Pacino

al pacino

Three words Jack and Jill. That’s all that needs to be said. This icon of cinema has sadly become a shell of what he once was. The astounding ability that Pacino showed throughout the 70s and 80s should have netted him several Oscars and due to the incompetence of the Academy, he was never given what he rightfully deserved.

That all changed along with Pacino’s acting style and career when he was given the best actor Oscar for A Scent of a Woman. A perfectly fine movie, but obviously not above Denzel Washington’s outstanding portrayal of Malcolm X or Robert Downey Junior’s portrayal of Chaplin. The accent continued into follow up movies like The Devil’s Advocate, and Heat.

This pigeon holing has hurt Pacino’s reputation and honestly several of the movies he has recently been in. Since Scent, not one of his movies has garnered him an Oscar nomination, let alone another win. Pacino has the ability to do anything he wants, but it is sad to see such an amazing actor fall apart.

Author Bio: Shane Steeley is a Journalism major from Northwest Missouri State.Film has been a major passion and he has loved writing about it his whole life. You can follow him on Twitter @shane_steeley.