20 Great Movies On Netflix You Probably Haven’t Seen

7. God Bless America (Watch On Netflix)


What’s it about? A man who’s fed up with what America has learned that he has a brain tumor which will kill him. He decides to go on a killing spree to rid this country of what he deems filthy. Killing reality stars as his main mission, he gets the attention of a young girl and they join forces in cleaning the country.

Why you should watch it? This movie is hilarious. Joel Murray brings so much talent to this film as the disgusted Frank, his speeches and monologues let you sympathize with him and understand what he’s going through, and you’ll want to kill his victims as much as he does.


6. Fat Kid Rules the World (Watch On Netflix)

Fat Kid Rules the World

What’s it about? An obese and depressed high school student is rescued from a suicide attempt by a free-spirited kid who believes that we can be whoever we want to be. As the main character, Troy becomes more comfortable in his skin, his popularity with girls also rises as he joins a punk band.

Why you should watch it? This is a great heartwarming story that really lets you see that you can do whatever you want with your life no matter what walls you have to climb. The lovable main character Troy really grows out of his shyness and starts loving his life rather than wanting to end it.


5. I Like Killing Flies (Watch On Netflix)

i like killing flies

What’s it about? The documentary follows the eccentric Kenny Shopsin who cooks and owns Shopsins restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York. You learn about his family and his 900 plus dishes on his menu and you listen to his quirky and strange insight on life and everyday topics.

Why you should watch it? Listen to his theory about how killing flies is a way to look at his take on fusion food and you can see how ingenious this man is. His family is lovable and explains further of Kenny’s personality and what is going on in his mind.


4. Four Rooms (Watch On Netflix)


What’s it about? New Year’s Eve ends up being a strange night for a bellboy at a hotel as he serves four different rooms all with weird stories. Witches, bad kids, bitter couple, and some rich people wanting to get bloody make his night unforgettable as he tries to survive them all.

Why you should watch it? With great directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez and actors like Tim Roth and Bruce Willis, this movie is one to see. Filled with dark humor and strange characters, every room provides a new and different experience for viewers.


3. The Good, The Bad, The Weird (Watch On Netflix)

The Good, The Bad, The Weird

What’s it about? A new take on the Spaghetti Western classic, The Good, The Bad, The Weird is a fast paced action movie set in 1930’s Manchuria. The Bad is a hit man who is hired to retrieve a map of great treasure; The Weird, a strange thief who steals the map unknowingly; The Good, a bounty hunter who is hunting The Bad. As the hunt closes onto the treasure, the three find themselves facing each other in a final showdown that would make Clint Eastwood sweat.

Why you should watch it? This South Korean movie combining the Western and Kungfu genre proves itself to be a force to be reckoned with. The actions are so intense that even the subtitles couldn’t take your attention away. The title might look similar to Sergio Leone’s masterpiece, but the movie looks more like a Mad Max film.


2. Bernie (Watch On Netflix)


What’s it about? Jack Black stars in this dark comedy about a mortician who marries the town’s wealthy angry widow. As she becomes more unbearable, it leads Bernie to kill her and dispose of her body. The town folks refuse to think badly about Bernie as he is the nicest and most caring person in the town, so suspicion never rises.

Why you should watch it? Jack Black does not disappoint audiences in the movie which is based upon a true story. You fall in love with his character even as he murders his wife and carries on life as if nothing ever happened. Matthew McConaughey adds more to the movie as a detective on the case of Jack Black’s late wife.


1. 13 Assassins (Watch On Netflix)


What’s it about? A small group of samurai are fed up with their tyrant leader and decide to take him out and end his terror run. They block off a town and an epic battle breaks out between a small group of hero, the Tyrant and his personal army.

Why you should watch it? Action packed and extremely well done, this movie keeps your adrenaline flowing as this is Japan’s answer to 300.

Author Bio: Influenced by his film-buff father, Matthew Keith exposes himself to such great films as Pulp Fiction, Airplane, American Graffiti and Young Frankenstein as he grew up. These movies opened up his horizon and made him the movie fanatic he is today.