The 10 Worst Movies On Netflix Instant

worst movies netflix

Sometimes bad is good. A guilty pleasure for many of us, bad movies are so rightfully wrong they often prove equally entertaining as those that arrive wrapped in the cloak of critical acclaim. Some of the best comedies you’ll ever see are tragically misguided dramas that fell well short of the mark.

The seemingly infinite catalog of Netflix instant streaming movies carries no shortage of duds. From dreadful slasher flicks with killer chickens to wildly unimaginative family films with talking dogs, there’s something putrid for every palate. So if you’re feeling somewhat of a masochistic or simply exhausted every good movie there is to watch, here’s a list of the worst of the worst.


10. Magic Puppy (NR) – 2012

Magic Puppy

“Molly decides to plan a surprise for her best friend, Adam.”

The summary of this movie is so incredibly ambiguous it could just as well be describing an otherwise mundane surprise birthday party, but alas, we’re still promised a ‘magic puppy’.

Token Justin Bieber lookalike, Adam, is preparing for Halloween when his painfully predictable love interest, Molly, spoils everything by turning his potential step-father into a ‘magic puppy’ – but it was an accident!

What transpires is a terribly shot and uncomfortable 80 minutes full of Eric Roberts, who plays Ted, narrating a dog. It’s downright nauseating to the point that Evan Crooks, the actor who plays Adam, recently tweeted this apology.


9. 2-Headed Shark Attack (NR) – 2012


“Terror takes a ghastly form when a gigantic two-headed shark sinks a ship full of students, and the survivors wash up on a tiny atoll. But just when the kids think they’re safe, a tsunami sweeps them back into the deep to face the twin jaws anew.”

2-Headed Shark Attack dares to ask, “What would happen if a deadly shark had not one … but two heads?” Gasp!

Terrible acting and storylines can easily sink a movie but the same can be said about CGI. A laughable cast consisting of Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan jive perfectly with the embarrassing CGI to ensure this movie bellies up right out of the gates.


8. Rubber (R) – 2010


“In this inventive twist on low-rent revenge flicks, a car tire named Robert rolls through the desert Southwest, using its strange psychic powers to blow everything up. But when Robert spies a gorgeous woman, he decides to take a chance on love.”

You almost have to admire Rubber for trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating a gory flick. While a murderous tire certainly is creative, there’s just no getting past the absurdity either.


7. Troll 2 (PG-13) – 1990


“While vacationing in a strange isolated town, a young boy must save his family from an unsavory end at the hands of sinister goblins.”

The stuff of bad movie legend, Troll 2 has reached cult classic status as it enters into it’s near 25th anniversary. For a spectacularly untalented cast made up of Michael Stphenson, George Hardy, and Margo Prey, this movie actually rivals The Room in terms of bad acting. This is a veritable Netflix gem is instantly quotable.


6. The FP (R) – 2011


“In this outrageous sci-fi send-up, revenge-thirsty warrior JTRO and merciless L Dubba E wage a bitter turf war for control of Frazier Park, with dominance turning on mastery of the ancient techniques of the dance video game Beat Beat Revolution.”

The FP dares audiences to imagine a post-apocalyptic world in which turf wars are decided on a crappier version of Dance Dance Revolution – a world where everyone dresses like idiots with eye patches and coonskin caps and every other word is an obscenity.

Despite the ridiculous premise and the label of ‘comedy’, this movie takes itself gravely serious. If you watch any movie on this list, the sweet feet of The FP cannot be beat. It’s downright legendary.