The 10 Most Intriguing Supporting Characters in “The Big Lebowski”

5. Brandt


Brandt is an enigma who raises more questions than his presence answers. How did he become a personal assistant to a disabled millionaire? Does he know his employer is an embezzler? Can one man really be that enthusiastic with regards to his employers achievements? What has Brandt achieved himself? And is “Brandt” his first name or last? No one knows for sure, but Brandt’s nostrils sure do flare in a rather expressive way when he laughs.


4. Jesus Quintana


Jesus has a pretty high sense of self-worth for a pederast, frequently referring to himself in the third person and supplementing his skills as a bowler with intimidation tactics. After a six month stint in Chino for exposing himself to a minor, “ The Jesus” has more than adjusted to life on the outside, acquiring both a sidekick (Liam) and an extensive collection of polyester jumpsuits and hairnets.


3. Liam O’Brien


As Jesus’ sidekick and bowling team mate, Liam is a man of few words. Actually, he’s a man of no words,which makes him not only Jesus’ polar opposite, but possibly even more intriguing than Jesus himself. Nevertheless, Liam takes his duties as a team player seriously, going so far as to color-coordinate his polo shirts with Jesus’ polyester jumpsuits. Liam seems to truly enjoy Jesus’ company, as demonstrated by the gleeful expression he wears as the two polish their bowling balls together. To each his own, I suppose.


2. The Stranger

the stranger

As “The Big Lebowski”’s humble narrator, the omniscient, Stetson-wearing Stranger speaks directly to the film’s audience. His speech is an odd mix of verbal eloquence and folksy homilies, overlaid with a Southwestern accent that seems to be out of his “time n’ place.” Even more bizarre, the Stranger demonstrates a sense of propriety out of synch with those around him, displaying little tolerance for cuss words and a fondness for sarsparilla.


1. Donny


The dearly departed Theodore Donald Kerabatsos was a loyal friend and a simple man who loved bowling and surfing. His almost childlike nature both exasperated and endeared him to The Dude and (especially) Walter. Donny never seemed to take it personally whenever Walter blasted him with several choice expletives on a regular basis. Yet, the excitement of a fracas with Uli Kunkel and his nihilists proved to be too much excitement for dear Donny to handle, resulting in a fatal heart attack. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Guest post written by Lana Cooper from Connect Your Home.

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