The 20 Weirdest Movies of The 21st Century (So Far)

10. Inland Empire

Inland Empire David Lynch

The movie: David Lynch’s lighter side of filmmaking. Laura Dern plays an aging actress who discovers her new movie is plagued by a polish curse. Meanwhile, a family of talking rabbits hang out around the house.

What’s weird: Laura Dern’s over the top performance as Nikki is unsettling to say the least. Also, David Lynch shot the entire movie on a handheld Sony PD150 camcorder, giving the film a gritty disturbing look.

Weirdest moment: Nikki’s face turns into a wide-eyed grinning nightmare.


9. Antichrist


The movie: Another art house piece by the great director Lars von Trier. A couple (appropriately named She and He) recovering from a loss retreats to a cabin in the woods to repair broken hearts, but things end up getting a little less comforting.

What’s weird: As many unrated arthouse horror movies go, this one is no exception. Most scenes in the movie are plagued with images that will stay with you for a pretty long time.

Weirdest moment: “She” decides to take extreme action, and snips off her clitoris with a pair of scissors.


8. Synecdoche, New York


The movie: Philip Seymour Hoffman plays an eccentric playwright who upon receiving a grant, uses the money to make a play about his life, recreating the entire city of New York inside a warehouse.

What’s weird: With actors playing actors playing actors playing real life people, the play keeps repeating itself, making Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut a confusing paradox of theatrical production.

Weirdest moment: Caden (Played by Hoffman) is forced to cast long-time stalker Sammy as himself in a play within a play.


7. Visitor Q

Visitor Q (2001)

The movie: A perverted and dysfunctional family of four are visited by a strong man who tries to teach them the joys of life in a completely horrific manner.

What’s weird: I can’t tell if it would be more disturbing if it wasn’t so funny or that the fact that its actually funny is disturbing.

Weirdest moment: The dad of the family attacks a group of school bullies.


6. Requiem For A Dream


The movie: Darren Aronofsky’s most noted film about 4 people indulged in drug addictions. They descend further and further down the spiral until their untimely ends.

What’s weird: Afronofsky’s disturbing look at addiction is topped off with Ellen Burstyn in arguably her greatest role as a woman overdosing on diet to get a role on her favorite tv show.

Weirdest moment: Marion (Jennifer Connelly) and another prostitute are forced to have sexual intercourse using a double ended dildo.


5. Pan’s Labyrinth


The movie: Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece about a young girl living in the post Spanish civil war era who finds a portal to a magical fantasy world.

What’s weird: The mix between a scary fantasy and an eve worse reality makes Pan’s Labyrinth the best movie on the list, of course, not the weirdest.

Weirdest moment: The pale man is seen at a table with his eyeballs on a plate.


4. Irreversible


The movie: 12 scenes in reverse chronological order featuring a traumatic night in Paris.

What’s weird: Director Gaspar Noé not only bends our minds by making the movie go backwards a la Memento, but also shows some of the horrific events backwards.

Weirdest moment: The extended rape of Monica Belluci.


3. Primer


The movie: A sci-fi thriller about 4 entrepreneurs who accidentally invent a machine that can quadruple the space-time continuum of anything that enters it.

What’s weird: The complicated and baffling plotline leaves viewers struggling to figure out exactly what everything in the movie means.

Weirdest moment: Aaron, one of the main characters, tries to explain that time inside the machine is slightly different than time outside of it.


2. Mulholland Drive


The movie: David Lynch’s 21st century masterpiece about a woman traveled to LA to pursue an acting career but has been disappointed by most of her encounters with film industry people and has failed to find success. Instead she strikes up a romance with a charismatic and successful actress.

What’s weird: Just to let you know guys, that took me 4 months to figure out. Sorry for the spoiler.

Weirdest moment: A man covered in dirt suddenly appears from behind a dumpster bin behind a restaraunt.


1. Enter the Void


The movie: A man named Oscar traveling in Tokyo is fatally gunned down. As he is dead, he goes through a spiritual and psychedelic trip through his past world as a ghost.

What’s weird: Gaspar Noé’s second film on this list (Irreversible) is messed up for numerous reasons. Most notably the director’s style in this movie and the way he can deeply immerse the audience into his movies and take us on a batsh*t crazy psychedelic journey makes Enter the Void the weirdest movie of the millenium.

Weirdest moment: Oscar watches a sex scene from the inside of a woman’s birth canal.