10 Horror Movies That Revolutionized The Genre

horror movies

In this post-modern era of horror, we have all types of horror films to choose from. Whether from an original Slasher film to a paranormal cinematic feature; it’s so hard to know where and what movies started it. So instead of thinking of watching a horror remake, sequel, prequel or reboot, here we land a list of horrors that changed the genre to what we see today or will never see one like it again.

Here are 10 great horror films that changed the genre.


10. American Psycho


Plot: Patrick Bateman(Christian Bale), a rich engaged Wall Street businessman; whose secret murderous and yet sexual insanity prowls in the increasing New York night.

How it changed horror: Let us start with one of the greatest horrors of the past decade; with Bale making such a creepy, terrifying yet trademark performance in Slasher horror film.This movie made Bale a star before Chris Nolan found him a new monumental spotlight. This film is gory, mysterious, sexual, terrifying with one of the most discussed endings of horror history. This is one of the most known movies of Bret Easton Harris of his acclaimed novel and in today’s time.


9. Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street

Plot: Events of kids being murdered in their sleep, recalling seeing a half burned man with knives for fingers in their dreams. Nancy, a teenager experiencing the same symptoms decides to face against him.

How it changed horror: The complete original of many sequels and prequels that started a legend. It started a trend, the first horror film to feature the discussion of a well known human conscious: dreaming, fantasy and reality. Also starring a little known role of a now well known actor Johnny Depp; this film began the ever lasting trend of the slasher, Freddie Krueger.