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Stanley Kubrick Films and Scenes ( Ranked )

09 April 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces | by David Zou

stanley kubrick pic

Too much has been said about Stanley Kubrick films,today I’m gonna rank his 12 feature films along with some of my favorite scenes.

1.2001:A Space Odyssey

2.Barry Lyndon

3.Eyes Wide Shut

4.Dr. Strangelove

5.Clockwork Orange

6.The Shining

7.The Killing

8.Paths of Glory


10.Full Metal Jacket

11.Killer’s Kiss



Your turn,what’s your favorite Kubrick film and scene??





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  • Complete films:
    12. Killer’s Kiss
    11. Spartacus
    10. A Clockwork Orange
    9. Lolita
    8. Dr. Strangelove
    7. Full Metal Jacket
    6. Barry Lyndon
    5. Paths of Glory
    4. The Killing
    3. The Shining
    2. Eyes Wide Shut
    1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

    The top 3 are my favorites by a mile.

    • I have the same “problem” with you,Mike.Though I love all his films,my top 3 are also far ahead than another 8.Many consider EWS as a weak link of his filmography,I’m glad we share the same opinion on this one.

  • Great list of iconic scenes from Kubrick’s films. It was nice revisiting some of those scenes. Though for me Dr. Strangelove would place at the top, followed by 2001 and The Killing (Paths of Glory would come soon after them), Spartacus would take the last position for me as well. Its really fascinating to note the sheer number of genres and styles that Kubrick traversed in his oeuvre, despite having made just a dozen films in his lifetime. I wouldn’t call him the greatest filmmaker, but he was most certainly one of the greats.

    • YES,I felt the need to cast some great scenes in the list,they speak for themselves.Many rank Dr. Strangelove on top,I can understand why,this film is the most effective Kubrick ever made,not a single shot is wasted or can be replaced.Also his dark humor and Seller’s performance are all brilliant.Spartacus is too Hollywood for me,I enjoyed it the least during my 2nd watching.

  • Where’s his first film Fear & Desire? It finally came on TV on TCM last February, I think. I’m planning to see that one as well as the other films of his I haven’t seen and a re-watch of Eyes Wide Shut throughout the year for my Auteurs piece on him in December.

    • As a matter of fact,I have not seen Fear & Desire yet due to the poor image available.Kino Lober will release all his films before Killer’s Kiss this fall,I’m waiting for that !!

      Eyes Wide Shut is the film I watched 4 times I think,when I get married,I understand more about it.I’m looking forward to your Kubrick piece in December!!

  • Nice list/clips David, I am sad to admit that I have not seen much of his earlier work.

    My faves would probably be the Shinning, 2001, Full Metal Jacket, Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut in that order

    enjoyed checking out your blog


    • Thanks for stopping by,Adam.You need to check out his earlier B&W films like Dr. Strangelove for the black humor and The Killing for the story telling.
      BTW,I like your blog a lot and added it into my blogroll.

  • Wow, aside from where you put paths of glory, we are pretty darn close on ranking the twelve.
    Even with the special effects avail. Now, I still have to give 2001 credence for still holding up today. The twists and turns in Lyndon are the prime examples of script writing at its purist.
    Kubricks perfectionism is the reason why I return to those 12 films over & over again. Glad to see so much hyped about studying his craft in recent years. I’m curious, have you had a chance to view th documentry of “room 237” that made such a fuss at sundance this year?

    • Trent,it’s so nice to meet someone like you who truly appreciates the same thing as myself.I’m on your side that Barry Lyndon is much more than its gorgeous cinematography which is such cliche when people talk about it,the Thackeray novel itself is so dramatic and the adaption is also brilliant.Kubricks perfectionism is the main reason which drew me to buy his UK Blu-ray collection,I would watch them every year.

      No,I haven’t got the chance to see the room 237 yet,I heard that it is an interesting doc cause’ it answers questions with clips in Kubrick films.Can’t wait to see it.

      BTW,there is another post on my blog I think you would be interested,it’s 10 Reasons Why Stanley Kubrick Is The Greatest Filmmaker Ever.

  • My ranking is as follows:
    #1Barry Lyndon #2 2001 #3 clockwork #4 strangelove #5 paths #6 killing #7 eyes wide #8 shining #9 metal jacket #10 Lolita #11 Spartacus &#12 killers kiss.
    Some of the subtle humer in Lolita is great! I love the earlier scenes as Humbert slithers his way though being a sociopath. It’s just hard to stomach in front of people who your sharing Kubrick with. Like all of his premise’ it’s hard to rationalize untill you can decider some of the messages he’s trying to convey.
    Great topic keep them comming

    • I totally agree with you,Trent.You get more answers when you watch his films more times,and become more familiar with his ways of thinking,

      What I really love about Lolita is Peter Seller’s performance,he is the man,he only appears less than half an hour but I think he shines brighter than James Mason.And his performance in Strangelove,just amazing,brilliant actor.

      I definitely gonna dedicate more posts to Mr. Kubrick,just stay tuned.Also,if you have any idea of a guest post about Kubrick and his films,let me know.