My Current But Ever-Changing Top 100 Films

Since this is the 50th post on this blog,I’m gonna do something special to mark it.Finally,I’ve decided to make the ultimate list every film buff would make.

One key phrase in the title needs special attention here,”current but ever changing”,it means this list is made from a very restricted view of mine,so if you wonder why xxx is not in the list,ok,it’s simple,because I may haven’t even seen it yet.It also means that this list is not permanent,it may change tomorrow,it may look quite different after 6 months,but I guess films I watch after today need to be real special to replace those in the list,because it is almost a pretty irreplaceable line-up to me.

Another thing I have to clear up is that this list is made up of my favorite 100 films,not the most important 100 films in cinema history.Those are films either I have watched many times or I would like to watch again anytime soon.So films like The Birth of Nation and Battleship of Potemkin are not listed here just because I haven’t built a special fondness for them.

A great reason I didn’t make this list until now is that I couldn’t find a perfect way to avoid missing any films I love,I still can’t promise that,but I will try to divide this list into certain parts to minimize the mistakes I may make.I will only pick one film from each director and that’s the most painful thing for me to do,but I need to do it to do justice to all great directors all over the world.I also will not write my feelings towards these films because it is a hell of task to do in one time and I’m pretty sure they will be covered up sooner or later on this very blog,but I do want to discuss any of them with you guys in the comments

I know you are impatient now,I hope this list is worth your time and demonstrate my taste of cinema well.


China 10


Spring Fever(Lou)

Farewell,My Concubine(Chen)

Raise the Red Lantern(Zhang)

Chungking Express(Wong )

A Better Tomorrow(Woo)

Mad Detective( To)

Raining in the Mountain(Hu)

Lust & Caution(Lee)

A Brighter Summer Day(Yang)

a brighter summer day pic


Japan 10

Ran(A. Kurosawa)

Tokyo Story(Ozu)

Sansho the Bailiff(Mizoguchi)

Floating Clouds(Naruse)


Empire of Passion(Oshima)

The Insect Woman(Imamura)



The Woman in the Dunes(Tashigahara)

ran pic


Korea 1



Iran 2

Taste of Cherry(Kiarostami)

A Separation(Farhadi)


India 1

The Music Room(Ray)


France 16

Pierrot Le Fou(Gordard)

Day for Night(Truffaut)

The Earrings of Madame de…(Ophuls)


The Rules of the Game(Renoir)

Three Colors:Blue(Kieslowski)

Sweet Movie(Makavejev)


Children of Paradise(Carne)

Le Million(Clair)

The Phantom of Liberty(Bunuel)

Army of Shadows(Melvile)


My Uncle(Tati)


Bitter Moon(Polanski)

Rosetta(Darne Brothers)

robert bresson pickpocket


Germany 4

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari(Wiene)



The Marriage of Marian Braun(Fasbinder)


Italy  11

Nights of Cabiria(Fellini)

Bicycle Thieves(De Sica)



The Leopard(Visconti)

Divorce Italian Style(Germi)


The Battle of Algiers(Pontecorvo)

Once Upon a Time in the West(Leone)

Deep Red(Argento)

Cinema Paradiso(Tornatore)



Greece 1

Landscape in the Mist(Angelopoulos)


Yugoslovia 1

Black Cat,White Cat(Kusturica)


Soviet Union 1



Spain 2

Laws of Desire(Armodovar)
The Holy Mountain(Jodorowsky)


Sweden 1

Sawdust and Tinsel(Bergman)


UK 8

The Red Shoes(P&P)



Monty Python and the Holy Grail(Gillam,Jones)

Kind Hearts and Coronets(Harmer)

The Third Man(Reed)

The Innocents(Clayton)

Doctor Zhivago(Lean)

brazil film pic


US 32

2001:A Space Odyssey(Kubrick)

Rear Window(Hitchcock)

Citizen Kane(Wells)

The Silence of the Lambs(Demme)

Apocalypse Now(Coppola)

Schindler’s List(Spielberg)

Taxi Driver(Scorsese)

Naked Lunch(Coronenberg)

Dressed to Kill(De Palma)


Double Indemnity(Wilder)

It’s a Wonderful Life(Capra)

City Lights(Chaplin)

Our Hospitality(Keaton)

To Be or Not To Be(Lubitsch)

Rio Bravo(Hawks)

All About Eve(Mankiewicz)

Fight Club(Fincher)

Dogville(Von Tier)


There’s Always Tomorrow(Sirk)

The Big Lebowski(Coen Brothers)

Sex,Lies and Videotape(Soderbergh)

The Player(Altman)


Night on Earth(Jamusch)

Before Sunset(Linklater)

12 Angry Men(Lumet)



Pulp Fiction(Tarantino)

Terminator 2(Cameron)



Let me know your thoughts on my picks.Also,if you made such a list somewhere before,paste the url in the comments,I’m eager to see yours.