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March Film Short Reviews and April Plans

01 April 2012 | Others | by David Zou

I watched 24 films in March,11 being re-watched ones.As I’m buying more and more blu-rays,the number of re-viewings could only increase.And as it’s getting warmer here,I have to spare more time working out in the gym instead of lying comfortably on sofa and watching films for hours a day,my wife did not appreciate the shape of Hitchcock.

The biggest surprise this month is The Dark Knight,I gave it a rating of 9 out of 10,I was astounded how high Nolan had raised the bar in this genre.It’s nothing like any superhero films I’ve seen,I could do character studies of this film all day long.,Heath Ledge’s Joker might be the most complex criminal ever on the big screen.I hope the third part of the series will be shown in Chinese theaters.


Zack Snyder’s Watchmen is another superhero film I enjoyed thoroughly this month,it proved my point again that when films get as long as 3 hours,it could not be too bad,in fact I never imagined a superhero film can be this epic.I totally loved the visuals and the scores,the characters are all very well developed and each have its own flaws.I’m glad Hollywood is getting better at shooting a certain genre.


The 3 other films I have not covered in the previous reviews are all from Criterion.Yojimbo is way better than its remake,I was amazed how Leone copied blocks of scenes one after another.When a Woman Ascends the Stairs just looks like the Jap version of Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria to me.Viridiana is terrific towards the end,but still far from my top 3 Bunuel.

yojimbo Mifune

I finally decided to re-visit Edward Yang’s legendary epic A Brighter Summer Day,all those characters and plots became fresh again and I wish I could watch it just once a year.I found a great review written in Chinese,and it was probably the best Chinese review I’ve ever seen,it made me understand you need to be a Chinese to fully appreciate this film.

Another big thing to note this month is I finished my Stanley Kubrick Marathon,will post 2 articles related to it this week.

In April I’m planning to re-visit 2 of my fave trilogies,one is Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy,which is the third time viewing.Another is Leone’s Dollar Trilogy, his films are the ones I watched for the most times.I’m also about to watch some faves of mine with the commentary,which including La Strada,8 1/2,L’aventure,Citizen Kane and The Rules of the Game,I want some recommendations from you guys too.


It’s Your turn now,what’s the highlight of your March film viewing?and what are your plans for April like?





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  • I saw nearly 60 films, some of them re-watches last month. I would probably say Scenes from a Marriage and Meek’s Cutoff. All I have planned for this month is to release reviews of films by Guillermo del Toro (including the Auteurs piece on him), Ingmar Bergman, Werner Herzog, and some Akira Kurosawa. I’m also going to post my next Favorite Films essay on The Wrestler which could come out this week or next week.

    • wow,I wish I could watch 2 films a day,cauze I have many to rewatch.Guillermo del Toro and Werner Herzog are 2 directors I did not know much,expecting some insights from your posts!!

  • I’m not sure how Chinese you need to be to appreciate A Brighter Summer Day. I saw a 35mm print about a decade ago and it was the most devastating film watching experience of my life. I bought it on VCD a few years ago and watched it again but it desperately needs to be released as a high-quality blu-ray.

    I watched about 40 movies in March, most of which I screened in class. Highlights for me were the Mizoguchi Blu-ray box set, Life Without Principle and some of the films I saw at a “European Union Film Festival” (especially the Spanish film Aita and the German film Sleeping Sickness).

    • I got it wrong,Mike.What I mean is the Chinese review helped me understand more about the film.As far as I know,everyone who has seen it all loved it.My wife walked away when we watched,she could not bear the poor image quality,and the subtitles are just too weird for her.

      40 is a pretty decent number,you are not gonna review the Mizoguchi Blu-ray box set on your blog?

      • Oh, I see what you mean about the Yang review. I would love to review the Mizoguchi set but I don’t know if I’ll have time. There are a bunch of other posts I need to write – including a review of the new blu-ray of A Trip to the Moon!

        • Come on,write about it!! I haven’t seen any reviews of it yet and I’m eager to know what goodies are in it!!

  • Well, there aren’t really any “goodies” inside. NO special features whatsoever. Just 4 of the greatest movies directed by one of the greatest directors ever! I will definitely be writing about it when I make my Top Ten Home Video Releases list in December . . .

    • Oh,no special features,uh? But I think the transfer might be awesome.

  • I don’t think I’ve commented on your blog before, Honeywell at 1001plus sent me here!

    The Dark Knight, I was a bit sceptical at first thinking it was a rip-off of Tim Burton’s 1989 film, but turned out to be very well made, and with a surprisingly thought-provoking ending, and also has a few ties to 9/11, not least the poster. I hope to review it in future.

    I saw 24 films looking through my monthly recap, you can check my post for my opinions.
    ha ha, my wife did not appreciate the shape of Hitchcock, that made me smile!

    • Thanks for your comments,Chris.So Honeywell sent you here uh? where is he then?? lol

      I agree with you that TDK is a very relevant film about modern crimes,criminal with no intentions for money is the most terrifying.

      I surely will check out your post,now!!