7×7 Link Award

Thanks to Steven over Surrender to the Void for inviting me to do this post,in fact,this is my first post of this kind and I’m a little bit excited now.

Well,we have some rules here,you should read it in a Tyler Durden way

7x7 award

RULE 1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

RULE 2: Link to one of the posts that I personally think best fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, and Most Pride-Worthy Piece.

RULE 3: Pass this award on to seven other bloggers.


I have just passed my 50th post 12 days ago,and this blog is relatively very young,so this kind of thing looks too early for me to do it,but I will do it at my best.


Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you. 

I believe every one of you only knows I’m an insane moviemaniac,and nothing else.But I do have a bobby which lasts longer than watching films,that is soccer.I became a soccer fan back in 1998,and was addicted to it ever since.I like to do everything about soccer,I play it on the field,in the virtual world and on the table(which is called foosball),and of course watch games on TV,I watch big games of British Barkley’s Premier League and BBC Match of the Day every week.My favorite club is FC Barcelona,I root for Netherlands on World Cup and European Cup,Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp is  my all time hero,and now I’m a fan of Luca Modric,Gareth Bale,Robin Van Persie and Lionel Messi.

I always told my friends that films brought me calmness and soccer brought me passion,they are like yin-yang to me,greatly balanced my life and personality.


Most Beautiful Piece:  Toru Takemitsu – Sound is also Part of Film Score

I’m aware that with my moderate(if it deserves the word) English,I would never wrote anything beautiful as my fellow bloggers,and if you are a regular visitor here,thanks for putting up with the language flaws all over the blog,I hope you enjoyed some helpful information and interesting ideas at least.Speaking of beautifully written post,there is only one that qualifies this category,it is my wife’s piece,her translation to be exact(I wrote the Chinese version).She is an English teacher in a university here,and of course her English is millions time better than mine,so I asked her to help me with this piece which I only had the idea but found very tough to write.


Most Helpful Piece 16 DVD Companies(Brands) You should be Aware of

Criterion is my fav dvd brand but I’d like to shed some light on other great dvd companies like Second Run,HK Video,Wildside etc.I thought it was quite helpful for those who was new to dvds and only aware of big brands.Though I still missed many,like Olive,Anchor Bay,Icarus etc.


Most Popular Piece Director’s Choice:19 Great Directors’ Top 10 Favorite Films

I’m glad I got the title right and used some marketing skills advertising it on facebook,it proved again that great list rocks!! and facebook rocks!!


Most Controversial Piece:   8 Myths in Stanley Kubrick Films Need Your Interpretation

This post is controversial is because Kubrick’s films are controversial,and I LOVE discussing any details in any of his films.I’m waiting for more discussions to come.


Most Surprisingly Successful Piece 12 Directors I Explore in Criterion Collection

This post was picked by Ryan at CriterionCast(a great site about Criterion stuff) in Ryan’s Criterion Link Collection For January 15th, 2012,it was a surprising honor to me.


Most Underrated Piece:  Fashions in Rear Window

I would say every weekly recap is underrated since there are so many great reviews and lists there,I’ve re-organized it in a new fashion in my latest one.If I have to pick a single piece,it would be this Hitchcock fashion post.It was the most insightful and detailed piece on my blog,I remember I posted it three times on facebook simply because few people clicked it,now I know I got the title wrong,I should make it “5 Fashion Secrets Revealed in Rear Window”.


Most Pride-Worthy Piece My Current But Ever-Changing Top 100 Films

I’m so proud of myself for pulling it off,it was a hard brain work but very rewarding,this list not only showed my taste of cinema to my friends but also made me happy for having so many beautiful memories stored in my head.


The following magnificent seven,you are wanted for the next turn!!

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