10 Great Movies about Marriage

This is the very list I mostly expect to write about in the whole marathon.Only when love develops to marriage in films,they begin to have depths.Let’s have a look at these 10 films about marriage and use them as a mirror to reflect and learn.


#10 Three Colors:White

white kieslowski

This is the least-liked one by me in the three-color trilogy,but I give credit to its black humor.In marriage,even vengeance is equal.

#9 There’s Always Tomorrow

there's always tomorrow

Douglas Sirk is the master of family melodrama,I finally decided to choose this one over All that Heaven Allows simply because it is equally great but much less known.

#8 The Marriage of Maria Braun

the marriage of maria braun

Douglas Sirk’s biggest admirer Fassbinder follows suit,this post-war melodrama proves his genius and Hanna Schygula’s  talent as a great actress.

#7 Oyu-sama


This is the kind of  story only exists in Oriental culture.A woman marries a man only to provide the chance for meeting each other daily between him and her elder sister.

#6 Husbands and Wives

husbands and wives

I can’t miss Woody Allen when it’s about marriage,the only trouble I have is I have such vast choices that I couldn’t decide which one to pick up.Finally picked this one for its ridiculousness.

#5 Contempt

contempt godard

I love Godard ‘s artistry of making a marriage crisis film so romantic.Great examination of the slow destruction of the couple’s marriage.

#4 A Woman Under the Influence

a woman under influence

You need to watch it simply for both stunning performances by Rowlands and Falk. Who is crazier? Mabel or her husband?

#3 Floating Clouds

floating clouds

Powerful tale of love, betrayal and obsession.One of the best Japanese films ever made.

#2 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

who's afraid of virginia woolf

Another great examination of two relationships with four fantastic performances.One of the rare near-perfect films.

#1 Scenes from a Marriage

scenes from a marriage

Definitive film of all marriage films.This 167 min marriage drama exhibits everything in marriage life with genuine honesty.

Do you enjoy these marriage films?? What did I miss here?? Let me know in the comments as usual.

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