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Unescapable in Ealing Style

17 December 2011 | Cinema Masterpieces | by David Zou

If you have seen both of the films below which starred the incomparable Alec Guinness,you know what the title means,two great endings

Kind Hearts and Coronets(1949)

kind hearts and cornets














 The Lavender Hill Mob(1951)

lavender hill mob

















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  • I have not seen Lavender Hill Mob but my admiration for Guinness grows with every film I’ve seen him perform in. What a fascinating character and screen presence he has! I got the blu-ray of Bridge on the River Kwai for Christmas and It was quite enjoyable to see him in a big budget epic, and playing against the oddball eccentric character he was usually cast to portray. Well, I guess Nicholson is eccentric in his own way, by his strict adherence to the rules of law and civilization. It probably helped him prepare for his role as Jock Sinclair in Tunes of Glory.

    • David Zou

      I like the nickname people gave him”man with thousand faces”,I heard that his performance in David Lean’s Great Expectation is great,and I want to see it badly!!!
      I like Bridge on the River Kwai very much,and I have seen the famous scene in which his role falling on the handle of the ammunition many times before I knew it is him.I like to compare those 3 main characters in different nations,Alec’s role stands for British stiffness ,Holden’s role stands for American Heroism and the Japanese role stands for Japanese Bushido.