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For any film buffs and dvd fans,Criterion Collection means the highest standard of dvd-making.Cinema itself is art ,restoring and presenting it is another kind of art form,CC is an art which those two things combined perfectly.

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This perfection also includes a cool,I visit it so often(especially the catalogue)that I can easily tell if a film is in the collection or not.The list of dvds is not the only reason that draws me so deep into it,if you stick around and pay more attention to other categories,you will find some treasure I promise.Since you are lucky to be reading this post,I will guide you through this marvelous site.


I will skip the homepage and the film category which I think most of you visit very often,let’s start with the Explore category,this category contains three parts:Top 10s,People and Themes.

Top 10s

Top 10s is the second most-often-visited part of mine on this site,it is really interesting to see how those filmmakers and actors are influenced by their ancestors,and thinking of myself might be enjoying the same dvd as those big names,is really satisfying.You want to know the top 10 favs of Wes Anderson?or maybe James Franco? Have a look here.

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People is the part introducing all those cinema legends featured in the collection,for me,it is not worth the time because there is only a brief summary of the person’s career and list of his/her CC films.And many many great names are still missed from the collection,like Theo Angelopoulos,Pedro Almodovar,Edward Yang etc.

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Themes is made up of all kinds of lists,from genres to elements to technique,still not detailed,but you can easily identify how versatile the CC list is.

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Now let’s move to the next category-Current.It is another major part of the site,dealing with all kinds of things related to the films and the site.Every time when a new dvd is released,there will be a post or two to follow up,intriguing you to buy it or watch it ASAP.If you need some starters for your good appetite of the dvd or you are still not satisfied after watching hours of bonus,this is the  good place to come.

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My Criterion

On December 8th,Criterion released a piece of cheerful news for its fans,now you can have a CC public page and add your profile,CC wishlist,collected CC items on it.What’s more,you can add short notes to the items you added and view other’s public page in the near future.I have already created my page and added items to it gradually these days,and I can not wait to see yours.

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The last category is Shop,for me,it only means that CC does not only sell dvds.Yes,it  sells other cool products like T-shirts,Posters,Tote Bags.But I doubt you have already collected all the CC dvds you wanted and willing to spend your money over a product rather than another fantastic dvd.

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OK,the tutorial is over,I hope you have not rushed to the site and  finished my post.Have a nice exploration!!