The 15 Best Movie Performances from Actors of 60 or Over

Film is, to a noticeable extent, an ageist institution. There are seldom mainstream roles for ageing actors and actresses. In particular, very talented actresses have to compete fiercely for a very small selection of roles. Even when there are roles for these actors, they are usually relatively insignificant. Arguably, the lack of roles, and more […]

15 Great Performances That Were Overshadowed by Another’s in The Same Movie

As any fan of cinema knows, acting is one of the key elements that makes the filmic medium distinct from other forms of art. Indeed, acting is very much a craft unto itself, requiring a substantial amount of dedication, judgement and adept interpretation of written material. Acting is certainly one of the most discussed elements […]

The 10 Best 70s Actors Still Working Today

The Godfather, Part II

The 1970s is arguably the most recent period of cinematic achievement. Vision-led, technically adept direction was of course a significant contributing factor to this, but it would be amiss to ignore the impact that actors had in creating holistically great films. Not only were the actors of this period gifted and talented, but their dedication […]

The 10 Best American Auteurs Working Today

In a film climate that seemingly prioritises superhero films, sequels and commercial successes, driven and masterful directors are an invaluable commodity. Luckily, they are not yet extinct in the American filmic landscape. The phrase and concept of the “auteur” originated in France in the 1940s, and became more emergent in the 1960s. It proposes that […]