10 Great Detective Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

We love detective stories of all sorts. Mostly because they’re somewhat rooted in mystery films. We like someone to investigate something, act as some kind of avenging angel. It’s also fun to watch how their brain works. There are also types of detective stories that are not necessarily about investigating something but the character is […]

The 20 Best Tom Cruise Movie Performances

Tom Cruise needs no introduction. Seriously, one of the most popular and greatest movie stars of all time. The man had been in countless box-office hits with critical acclaim, directed by auteurs or well-recognized directors for nearly five decades now. Kubrick, Spielberg, Tony & Ridley Scott, Coppola, De Palma, Mann, PTA – you name it, […]

10 Great 2021 Horror Movies You May Have Missed

“Malignant” and “Old” had their fans but this year hardly any horror film got much of attention, at least commercially. More popular horrors of the year were sequels in already established franchises like “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it”, “Don’t Breathe 2”, “Halloween Kills” and “A Quiet Place 2”. Hard to say they […]