10 Famous Action Movies That Are Actually Arthouse Films

A common misconception is that action films cannot reach the same level of artistic merit of other genres, often because action films tend to lean towards popular entertainment. This is often a puzzling argument, as it takes little research to understand that a great action film requires an extraordinary amount of craftsmanship and creativity from […]

10 Great 1990s Cult Films You May Have Never Seen

Samurai Cop

The 1990s were a breakthrough decade for cult films; thanks to growing awareness of underground films, the emergence of independent films in the mainstream, and the wider popularization of VHS, strange and offbeat films were able to gain appreciation and even live a second life. Many of these films have gone on to inspire followings, […]

10 Great 2010s Female Performances That Should Have Been Nominated For Oscars

The Academy Awards are a useful tool in honoring achievements within the film industry, but they are far from the definitive body that determines greatness in cinema. While many of the films and performances that they recognize are powerful and deserve the boost, there are also films and performances that slip by without recognition. A […]