The 15 Best Performances in The Movies of Woody Allen

Woody Allen is considered by many the ultimate actor’s director. Allen is well known for allowing actors the freedom to improvise on set and for shooting long takes without a lot of cutting, giving the actors the ability to play lengthy dialogue scenes with interruption. Knowing this, many stars take considerably lower salaries to work […]

10 Underappreciated Movies of Martin Scorsese That Are Worth Seeing

underappreciated Scorsese movies

Over the last 15 years, director Martin Scorsese has become the ultimate cinematic success story. Films such as Gangs of New York, The Departed, Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street have been successful with both audiences and critics alike, garnering good reviews while pulling in big box office bucks. But it wasn’t always such […]

The 25 Greatest Movie Performances in The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Vertigo (1958)

Alfred Hitchcock is purported to have famously said: “Actors are cattle.” Hitchcock claimed to have been misquoted, saying only that he said that ‘Actors should be treated like cattle!’ It was something of a subtle difference, but irregardless, Hitchcock’s films contain many wonderful and varied acting performances throughout his fifty plus year career. Although he […]

The 20 Greatest Suspense Sequences in Alfred Hitchcock Films

Hitchcock suspense sequences

Alfred Hitchcock is unquestionably the greatest director of suspense films in cinema history. His best films are marked by sequences of suspense that are memorable, exciting, engaging and cinematically magnificent. Hitchcock described the difference between suspense and surprise by giving the illustration of two men sitting at a table with a time bomb set to […]