10 Recent Movies That Took Themselves Too Seriously

Fifty Shades of Grey

To nobody’s great surprise, Paul Verhoeven recently professed himself unimpressed with the remakes of Total Recall and Robocop, claiming they missed the light tone of the original films. “They take these somewhat absurd stories and make them much too serious. I think that is a mistake,” the filmmaker said. “Both those movies needed the distance […]

The 15 Worst Comedy Movies Of The 21st Century


Before the Samuel L Jackson/Eugene Levy ‘comedy’ The Man reached multiplexes, Jackson suggested it be screened for victims of Hurricane Katrina, who protested that they’d already suffered enough. Having survived one disaster, they were in no mood to sit through 83 minutes of lame action and flatulence gags. Joking aside, there really are comedies so […]

The 10 Best Monster Movies Of The 21st Century

One reason why you see so many ghost and found footage movies at your local multiplex is that they’re incredibly cheap to produce. Paranormal Activity cost $15,000 to make, made $193 million worldwide and gave Paramount Pictures another horror franchise. The studio realized how profitable cheap horror films could be back in 1980 when it […]