20 Eastern European Sci-fi Movies That Are Worth Your Time


From the Soviet era and after, eastern Europe has provided countless narratives about possible futures, from the political to the comical, to the downright horrifying. While the communist project faltered and ultimately failed, a sense of excitement or fear about change (revolution) has always been intrinsic to the ideological landscape. Below is just a small […]

The 20 Darkest European Films of The 21st Century

Economically at least, Europe has been going through something of a dark period lately. It is arguable whether this economic gloom has caused European cinema in turn to produce increasingly bleak and hopeless films. Throughout its long history, European cinema has never shied away from despair. The German Expressionists used every technique at their disposal […]

The 18 Best Films Set in Berlin

best films set in Berlin

It’s one of cinema’s greatest ironies that Hollywood benefited greatly from Germany’s arguably self-inflicted tragedies. Many great German directors who had made their names in Berlin fled to America during the nazi period, and ended up making some of Hollywood’s most memorable films. Billy Wilder and Fritz Lang are the most famous examples. These directors […]

10 Federico Fellini-Like Movies Not By Federico Fellini


You know an artist has left a serious mark on the world when they have their own adjective. Kafkaesque, Shakespearian, Beckettian, Lynchian, the list is rather exclusive. “Felliniesque” is a descriptor that gets thrown around a lot, but there is no exact definition of what it means, except of course, “like something out of Fellini”. […]