10 Great German Films Recommended by Martin Scorsese


We’ve talked you through the French and Italian movies from Martin Scorsese’s list of 39 movies that every young filmmaker should watch. Now for the Germans. In many ways, this is a list that can be split into two distinct parts. Scorsese’s choices all come from either the Expressionist era (the main proponents being Fritz […]

11 Great French Films Recommended by Martin Scorsese

The influence of French cinema on Scorsese’s work is fairly obvious to anyone familiar with the key works of the French New Wave. Scorsese’s early works, such as Mean Streets, clearly tapped the often anarchic energy that directors like Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut and Claude Chabrol brought to the world of cinema in the early […]

11 Great Italian Films Recommended by Martin Scorsese

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Some years ago, young filmmaker Colin Levy had the enviable opportunity to meet Martin Scorsese. The meeting itself isn’t as important (at least not to cinephiles) as what happened afterwards. Three weeks after the meeting, Scorsese had a list sent to Levy. On the list were 39 foreign films that Scorsese thought every young filmmaker […]