Crumbs – VIFF 2015 Review


Crumbs is a fascinating and at times even astonishing directorial debut from Ethiopian filmmaker Miguel Llansó. Part post-apocalyptic melodrama, part peculiar pop culture collateral as objet d’art obiter dictum, Crumbs is a bedtime story for children of the far future. Telling the surreal yet straight-faced journey of the diminutive Birdy (Daniel Tadesse), whose beloved, Candy […]

High-Rise – VIFF 2015 Review

English novelist J.G. Ballard broke away from writing science fiction novels with a string of confrontational and controversial novels in the 1970s, which included The Atrocity Exhibition (1970), Crash (1973), and High-Rise (1975). These postmodernist tomes proved auspicious and acclaimed, and, as David Cronenberg would discover with his 1996 adaptation of Crash, despite what backseat […]

Green Room – VIFF 2015 Review

green room

The teeth-baring ferociousness on sharp-edged display in Jeremy Saulnier‘s intense new film, Green Room, rivals his previous film, 2014’s Blue Ruin, making it catnip for extreme action thriller devotees. Fascinating, forcible, and rough, Saulnier offers a punk rock variant on Rio Bravo – with a likeable rabble impossibly endangered in an under siege scenario – […]