Classic Chinese Cinema: Running Out of Time (An Zhan)

running out of time

Until today I’ve written four posts in this series,unlike the previous classic and arthouse type,today I’m gonna introduce a very entertaining flick from top-notch Hong Kong crime genre filmmaker Johnnie To and his Milky Way Image. Running Out of TimeĀ is the most accessible Chinese-language film I can think of,and if you are a crime genre […]

Auteur Profile: Johnnie To and His Milky Way Image

johnnie to

European critic called him “The HongKong Melville”,Local fans called him John Woo’s successor.His “Mad Detective” was included in Eureka’s Master of Cinema,which is the sole film from HongKong cinema there.Being one of the only two(the other is Ann Hui) remaining auteurs still working today,Johnnie To is the hope of the dying HongKong cinema. It is […]