10 Great Thriller Movie Classics You Probably Haven’t Seen

Thrillers are nearly as old as movies themselves. In the silent era of the 19-teens and ‘20s, directors like Fritz Lang placed German audiences into heightened states of suspense, while actor Lon Chaney kept American moviegoers on the edges of their seats. Shortly after sound became standard in the ‘30s, many German directors fled the […]

10 Great Thriller Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

The Confession

Many directors have managed to create great thrillers that have been praised by audiences or critics. From European art-house thrillers to cult gems, here is a list of challenging thrillers that have either been neglected or mistreated.   10. Mr. Klein (1976) Directed by Joseph Losey, “Mr. Klein” is a Kafkaesque thriller about the misfortunate […]