10 Great Recent Sci-fi Films On Amazon Prime You May Have Missed

In these unsure times of covid-19 where people are bound to their homes, streaming services are looking at a fast growth in their subscriber count. And although the future is hard to predict, with productions halted around the globe, for now the libraries from streaming services are still filled with underseen gems that are waiting […]

10 Great Recent Sci-fi Films That Explore Humanity

When it comes to science fiction, you can certainly explore infinite possibilities the genre has to offer. But certain films and filmmakers allow this exploration to the innermost core of ourselves, the human condition. Since you’re already operating in a genre that could include space travel, clones, dreams, or apocalyptic settings, you can strip everything […]

10 Great Recent Sci-fi Films You May Have Never Seen

For the time being, this will be the third and final list of recent science fiction movies that most folks probably haven’t seen. After all, there are only so many obscure sci-fi titles worthy of a recommendation. However, that doesn’t mean the following selections are of a lesser quality. On the contrary, these choices The […]

10 Great Recent Sci-fi Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

Part one of this list was an absolute hit, so it seemed natural to produce a second part. It’s pretty easy to do so considering the fact that obscure sci-fi movies are surprisingly common. That’s because Hollywood movies take precedent while the low-budget movies get dumped into VOD hell. Everybody’s going to see Captain Marvel […]