14 Cult Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket (1996)

Not all films enjoy a devoted and passionate fan base. Some of them are still unsung masterpieces deserving more love and attention. Here is a list of some “hidden cult gems”.   14. Hardcore (1979) “Oh my God, that’s my daughter” The quote is taken from Paul Schrader’s underrated intense drama “Hardcore” featuring George C. […]

10 Cult Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

Over time, I’ve begun to get extremely bored with modern blockbusters. I’m tired of being told that I should care about the next Marvel, the next cinematic universe, or another pointless live-action remake of a Disney classic. I’m tired of the business-politics involved, knowing that certain movies were altered in order to appeal to the […]