The 25 Best Movies That Won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay


No matter which writer ends up taking the gold, the Oscars have proven in the past that they’ve got a firm sense of what makes a great screenplay. Whereas the Best Picture award tends to favor more traditional fare, such as historical films and biopics, the Best Original Screenplay winners have included a wonderfully eclectic […]

The 20 Greatest Non-Human Movie Characters of All Time


Non-human characters have always been prominent in cinema, presenting to audiences those unique physical, mental and emotional traits that one can unfortunately seldom discover in real life. In the world of film, these non-human characters make it clear that anything can happen, and each in its own distinct manner. But whatever the character in question, […]

The 15 Best Julianne Moore Movies You Need To Watch

The Hours

North Carolina-born Julianne Moore has just received her fifth Academy Award nomination for “Still Alice” and could very well be on her way to winning for the first time. But her career has already extended far beyond awards recognition, providing some of the greatest performances of the past three decades of film. Having graduated from […]