The 10 Best Thriller Movies Made By Hammer Studio

British movie production company Hammer Film Productions is notorious for producing gothic and fantasy films featuring some of horror’s most iconic characters like Frankenstein and Dracula, but in peak production years, they notably released some heart-pounding thrillers as well. From gritty and grim mysteries, to mind-bending psychological crime thrillers, Hammer Studios gives audiences a wealth […]

10 Beautiful Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

What makes a movie beautiful? Some films gain recognition for the inherent beauty in their subject matter, such as sprawling landscapes or majestic movements of wildlife, while other films make aesthetic use of more unsightly subject matter by transforming things like death and decay into art using cinematic technique. Though an undeniably subjective metric by […]

10 Great Movies That Are Anti-Audience But Not Alienating

The words “anti-audience” are often employed to describe works of cinema that exist at the viewer’s expense, pieces that were created for the sole purpose of confusing and tricking the audience. On the other end of the spectrum exist works that cater to the audience to a degree of condescension, that hold their hand while […]