The 15 Best American Gangster Movies of The 1980s

This is the second part of the American Gangster Films  series (1970s – 1990s). So, naturally, the films featured in this list, also including the honourable mentions, were among the most popular, influential, and original from a period in American cinema that is known for the establishment of the blockbuster culture (which had started late […]

The 15 Best American Gangster Movies of The 1970s

The Godfather Part II

Long story short, gangster films became quite popular during the 1930s. Having started out here and there at the end of the roaring 20s – for instance, Josef Von Sternberg’s “Underworld” (1927) – gangster films reached a full-scale production during the 1930s mainly because of The Great Depression. For one, people needed entertainment that provided […]

All 15 Martin Scorsese Documentaries Ranked From Worst To Best

Martin Scorsese, one of the household names of the New Hollywood, has been an important figure in American Cinema since his introduction to audiences during the 1970s when he was part of the new generation of filmmakers known as the ‘movie brats’. However, Scorsese’s print in American cinema isn’t just resumed to his fiction films […]