20 Essential Films For An Introduction To The Wuxia Genre


Although it has its roots in Chinese literature, wuxia as a genre has grown to prominence worldwide almost exclusively through the medium of film. Starting as far back as the silent era and continuing to the present day, wuxia films tend to have certain aspects in common. They are always period, pre-20th Century stories, dwelling […]

15 Japanese Fantasy-Action Films That Will Make Your Head Spin

Princess Mononoke (1997)

In Japanese cinema, often one comes across films that are incredibly difficult to categorize. Are they science fiction? Horror? Comedy? All of the above? A lot of the time, when one encounters this fascinating area of Japanese cult films, the answer is yes. For the amateur cinephile and aficionado alike, it is exactly that hard-to-pin-down, […]

The 15 Best Samurai Films NOT Directed By Akira Kurosawa

13 Assassins movie

In Japanese cinema, the genre of jidaigeki refers to films set in a pre-20th Century period of Japanese history. A sub-genre of jidaigeki is the chambara–or sword fight–movie, a type that most often features samurai in various kinds of dramatic action, and in nearly every case showcasing displays of great swordsmanship and valor. The most […]