15 Great Psychological Movies About Duality Worth Your Time

best movies about madness

Alex Ross Perry’s new film Queen of Earth, a weird homage to the 1960s and 1970s psychodramas, had me thinking about this niche genre. It is a challenge to define. These are films that depict a psychological state through visual symbolism, a subjective camera or an unreliable narrator. Oftentimes these films play off of the […]

The 30 Best Action Scenes in Movie History

Mad Max Fury Road movie

There are hundreds of unforgettable action scenes in the archives of cinema past. To try and specify any small number of them is nearly impossible, maybe even futile, but what’s the fun in not trying? Here you will find 30 great action scenes, separated by category (Chases, Shootouts/Battles, and Fight Scenes). Be forewarned, although it […]