8 Reasons Why “Mulholland Drive” Is A Masterpiece of American Cinema


Mulholland Drive, David Lynch’s 2001, puzzling neo noir mystery-drama recently topped BBC Culture’s poll of the 21st Century’s 100 Greatest Films. It was a resounding triumph for the film because the poll asked 177 film critics from 36 countries to name their favourite films of the last 16 years. Despite beating the likes of Paul […]

10 Recent Movies You Will Likely Watch If Studying Film At University

Predicting which classic films will be shown throughout the course of your time studying film at university is quite easy as the same classic films are likely to appear time and again. Predicting which recent films will be part of a film studies course is a little more challenging. The point of this list is […]

The 20 Best Irish Movies of All Time

Bobby Sands in Hunger

Irish cinema has always been held in high esteem and can boast a catalogue of commercially successful and critically acclaimed films that often draw on Ireland’s strong literary and musical traditions. Undeterred by an economic recession, Irish cinema could be considered to be currently going through its most successful period. Irish films featuring heavily in […]

10 Great Postmodern Documentaries That Are Worth Your Time


Postmodernism is a movement that has permeated many forms of art as well as many facets of people’s lives today but its impact on the documentary genre of film is particularly profound and often over looked. In film, postmodernism is too often assumed the preserve of fiction films. This is because fiction films have fewer […]