The 20 Most Disturbing Asian Movies of All Time


I realize this is a huge generalization, but one of the things Asian cinema is known for is the abundance of disturbing films, even in decades where other regions were ruled by the strains of conservatism and were shocked by even the smallest amount of nudity on cinema. This element applies particularly to Southeast Asia, […]

The 15 Best Cult Anime Movies of All Time


Evidently, the world of Japanese animation (anime) is dominated by mainstream productions, like the ones from Studio Ghibli, particularly when we are referring to movies and not series. However, inside this vast industry, some productions that could be easily characterized as cult could not be missing. With a focus on diversity, as I tried to […]

The 25 Best Hong Kong Cult Movies of All Time

The Killer

When one considers Asian cult cinema, inevitably their mind will linger toward the Japanese, with the Pinku-exploitation films and directors like Wakamatsu, Miike, Sono etc. However, with a more thorough look, one would realize that Hong Kong has its own share of cult productions, with a plethora of Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest productions considered […]

The 10 Best South Korean Directors of The 21st Century

For at least a decade now, South Korea has taken the scepters from Japan and Hong Kong as the foremost Asian cinema, in quality, commerciality, and even bulk. Korean filmmakers, like Park Chan-wook, Kim Jee-woon, and Bong Joon-ho, have overcome the borders of their country, shooting films in Hollywood, while the former is one of […]

The 25 Best Japanese Movies of The 2010s (So Far)


Japanese cinema has been on the decline for quite a few years. The structural issues of the industry and the lack of interest from younger audiences have led the production companies to the secure paths of the family drama and the novel/manga/anime adaptation, which seem to generate the most revenue. This tendency has led to […]