10 Essential Ang Lee Films You Need To Watch

life of pi movie

In Ang Lee’s , “A Never-ending Dream”, released after he won his first Best Director Academy Award, there is one line that defines this visionary director, a confession from his wife: “‘I’ve always believed that you only need one gift. Your gift is making films. There are so many people studying computers already, they don’t […]

10 Essential Kenji Mizoguchi Films You Need To Watch

The life of Oharu

Kenji Mizoguchi is one of the three directors considered as the greatest Japanese filmmakers ever, alongside Akira Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu. Mizoguchi is known for his unparalleled mastery of long takes and mise-en-scene, for his films which are reminiscent of a traditional Japanese scroll painting due to his infamous atmospheric long static shots and above […]

10 Essential Yasujiro Ozu Films You Need To Watch

Tokyo Story (1953)

Yasujiro Ozu is known for his profound examinations of family, generational gaps, and the schism between tradition and modernity. He began his career by making short comedy films for the Shochiku Film Company, and subsequently segued to his signature dramatic features. From his titles (such as Early Summer, Late Spring, and The End of Summer) […]