The 10 Best Ralph Fiennes Movie Performances

Amon Goeth – Schindler's List (1993)

Fiennes’s career has been so free-spirited and unforeseeable that we have seen him playing in a romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez in one moment and then delivering an acclaimed performance as Lord Voldemort in the next. With his electrifying gaze and menacing charisma he has always mesmerised filmmakers, other actors and audiences. Fiennes was born […]

The 10 Greatest Javier Bardem Movie Performances


Mr. Bardem is certainly the most famous Spanish actor of our generation thanks to his diverse performances and chameleon-like ability to change personas. Audience is captivated by his mental and physical transformation every time he performs a role. As a result, he’s received a high number of prestigious accolades all over the world. He was […]