20 Great Movies That Break The Rules of Cinema

In the beginning decades of cinema, there was no set language, no decided poetry, and no formal structure or grammar in filmmaking: there were no rules. The Lumière brothers experimented with realism (“Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory” (1895)), emotion (“Train Pulling into a Station” (1895)) and colour (“The Serpentine Dance” (1899)). Georges Méliès, another avant-garde […]

15 Lesser-Known Yet Great Movies By Well-Known Directors

The Seventh Continent

Managing to direct just one brilliant film is an impressive feat. It is obvious, then, why certain directors are held in such high regard, accumulating a multitude of films to their name that have reached audiences and critics alike. Some directors produce nothing but quality, as was the case for Kubrick and Tarkovsky. Others, however, […]

The 16 Best Movies About Social Hierarchy

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (Directed by Peter Greenaway, 1989)

The entire history of humanity has revolved around hierarchical structures. Some were organised and austere, such as feudalism in medieval Europe, which involved a clear distinction between nobility and peasantry. Others, however, were lax and anarchic, such as the system of communes and slaves in ancient Rome, which required cooperation from all parties; in the […]

10 Essential Films About America That Start With The Word “American”

American Beauty bath

Its chiefest export being patriotism, and its greatest commodity being self-assurance, America is known as a proud nation. Indeed, this pride is not without merit in the fields of filmmaking. This economic powerhouse, cultural incubator, and altogether well established nation has been heavily involved in the art of cinema since its inception. Inventor Thomas Edison […]