The 10 Most Influential American Movies of The 1980s

visually stunning sci-fi movies

Though the 1970s are often heralded as the greatest decade in American film history, the 1980s established a more longstanding influence on the actual future of film. The ‘80s film landscape continued the trend of blockbusters introduced in the late ‘70s while setting up the breakthrough of independent film in the ‘90s. It also brought […]

10 Great Movies That Defined Generation X

Heathers (1998)

Generation X was perhaps the first to be hassled in their twenties by mass media buzzwords predicting their failure. The irony (something they loved) was that they contributed a wealth of innovative cinema that made the 90’s the most transformative era in film since the much heralded 70’s. Pretty good for so-called “slackers”. Perpetually forgotten […]

The 10 Best Cult Comedy Movies of The 21st Century

The loosely defined term “cult comedy” often brings to mind obvious titles like The Big Lebowski and Clerks. These choices are so time-tested, they almost transcend their cult status into a simpler pantheon of comedy classics. Propelled by midnight showings and VHS and DVD rentals, these comedies were appointed to cult status by traditional word-of-mouth […]