15 Famous Filmmakers Who Gave Terrific Performances In Their Own Movies

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Filmmakers work based on a vision. To make that vision work, it’s necessary to share with a crew that understands it to work towards that vision as a goal. While many filmmakers occupy themselves exclusively to work behind the cameras, there are many who also happen to be terrific performers, or at least the rightperformers […]

12 Great Movies That Will Change Your View On Their Respective Genre

Film genres can easily become double-edged swords for any filmmaker. Although specific genres help viewers identify the similar patterns and tropes of a director’s creation, some filmic categories contain certain viewer expectations, which can inhibit the screenwriter, the director, and—ultimately—the film. Below is a list of films in which directors were met with the struggle […]

The 10 Greatest Pioneers of Animation You Should Know About


With a few notable exceptions, such as Walt Disney, The Termite Terrace from Warner Bros., Tex Avery and the duo of Joseph Hanna and Joe Barbera, animation has historically been an art with very little respect from the audience to its creators. Seen for many decades as mere children’s entertainment, animators from around the world […]

15 Great Filmmakers And Their Thematic Obsessions

Paul Thomas Anderson: 'As a film-maker, you have to convince people to follow your madness'

Cinema is made possible thanks to the contribution of thousands of artists with different backgrounds, thoughts and visions working together to bring life to an idea, even if it’s just for a moment. Like any artist, filmmakers tend to have ideas that they keep revisiting, consciously or not. This fixation can be anything: a characteristic […]