10 Great Horror Movies Recommended By Quentin Tarantino

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Quentin Tarantino’s passion for film is contagious. Whether he’s joking around on a DVD commentary or answering interview questions, movies are always on his mind. Arthouse or grindhouse, he loves it all, and is constantly gushing about cult classics he believes to be underappreciated. So why not […]

15 Great Sci-fi Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

“This system make of us slaves. Without dignity. Without depth. Movies… have heart. BOOM BOOM BOOM! Have mind! CwhiRRR! Have power, have ambition!” – Alejandro Jodorowsky Most people’s lives are defined by their secrets: drama, tragedies, and the most intimate moments, experiences locked in the depths of the experiencer’s heart, theirs to own forever. Movies […]

All 10 Superhero Movies of 2019 Ranked From Worst To Best

Superheroes. The very word triggers many reactions – some of awe, wonder, and distaste. They may be the defining films of this generation, inspiring numerous filmmakers to come. Maybe superhero movies are just theme parks, a passing fad, a mega-billion blockbuster monster that has contorted cinema into an industry. Although spandex and capes might be […]