10 Movies That Are Great Companion Pieces To “Taxi Driver”

Taxi Driver, hands down, is easily one of the greatest American films ever made. Period. With Scorsese’s sharp direction, Paul Schrader’s compelling script, and Robert De Niro’s chilling performance, what they brought to the world is perhaps the greatest psychological drama ever put on film. To further gush on about its greatness would be redundant, […]

10 Great Movies That Define Independent Cinema

Lost in Translation

For any cinephile, there is nothing more exciting than an independent film. With a scene that is comprised of ambitious filmmakers eager to push envelopes (and buttons, sometimes) and free from complete studio control, the possibilities of an independent film are endless, and the viewer is usually guaranteed to see something they never thought possible […]

10 Movies That Are Subtle Yet Brilliant In Visual Approach


Cinema, utilizing the combined efforts of visuals, writing, sound/music, lighting, and many other elements, is perhaps the ultimate art form. For over 100 years, movies continue to bedazzle audiences, but what is it that grips audiences so much? There are great characters, a great story, great writing, but sometimes there’s the little details that the […]