10 Great British Films Made By Non-British Directors


Alfred Hitchcock. Christopher Nolan. Ridley Scott. Steve McQueen. Britain is mostly known in the world of cinema for producing talented directors that eventually move out of the United Kingdom and across to the filmmaking big league of Hollywood. Often regarded as a spring board to bigger things abroad, Britain has never had the magnitude of […]

The 10 Most Influential American Movies of The 1990s

Sgt. Barnes (Platoon)

The nineties have been described as the last great decade in America; an overall more optimistic time before the September 11th terrorist attacks, invasion of Iraq and 2008 financial crash that have defined the 21st century thus far. The internet was a rising innovation treated with excitement and intrigue and Donald Trump wasn’t even the […]

10 Great Dystopian Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

From global warming and nuclear war threatening the very nature of our planet to the rise of political tyrants and authoritarian governments threatening the welfare of its citizens, it is not hard to imagine a world that only gets worse from here. Dystopian fiction rose in popularity throughout the 20th century as the destructive capabilities […]

The 10 Best Werner Herzog Documentaries

All of Werner Herzog’s films a form of documentary. From his commitment to on-location shooting and inclusion of non-professional actors to his interrogation of the human spirit and nature, even his fiction films reveal more truth about this world than many other filmmakers’ non-fiction works. Herzog plunged himself deep into the Andes to film two […]